Immigrate the other way?

Immigrate the other way?

This is a discussion on Immigrate the other way? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just wondering - always hearing about people from other countries wanting to immigrate TO America. Does anyone ever hear of any American's immigrating away - ...

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Thread: Immigrate the other way?

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    Immigrate the other way?

    Just wondering - always hearing about people from other countries wanting to immigrate TO America.

    Does anyone ever hear of any American's immigrating away - TO another country?

    IF you were to by some reason want to immigrate away \ TO another country, What country would you choose? Feel free to list reason's why you picked the country you picked..

    Anxious to see comments on this one....
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    I already live in the United States of Texas, no need to go anywhere.

    IF I HAD to move to another country, I'm thinking Australia. It seems to be a lot like Texas in many ways, other than the gun thing.
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    I'm not sure that there is any other countrys left that would afford me the same lifestyle or better.
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    Perhaps, New Zealand...very much like Australia, but nothing poisonous.
    I would rather find a more rural area in a 'pro-gun' state...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I'm not sure that there is any other countrys left that would afford me the same lifestyle or better.
    I agree.


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    I think Ireland (ROI) could be a pleasant place to live and I think there is a fair number of expats living in Germany. If you are going to leave the USA you may as well forget about gun ownership.

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    I have no desire to leave America for anything except vacations.

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    Victoria, B.C.

    My wife moved from Tulsa to Victoria when we got hitched

    She's now the proud owner of a CZ-75 and an AR15.
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    I have met American emigrants more or less anywhere in the world. For some it was planned (e.g. job/family or such), some it was "by accident" (traveling around, liked a place and got stuck). You also run into left over Vietnam area draft dodgers once in a while.
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    IIRC many, many movie stars have promised to emigrate to other countries if W won the elections. They never made good on their promise. I guess they realized that this IS the best country to live in.

    I watched a movie about this, called Blue State. Not the best movie, but it did explore that theme.
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    Not a lot of point leaving the US, if you don't like the politics/weather/countryside you just move State
    Now if you live over the pond in a country that is only 93000 sq miles (utah is 85000 and wyoming is 98000) you are kinda stuck
    If you want culture, sure come to europe, but unless you speaka another language, stick to the UK with our crappy polictics (whoops forgot you have one too)
    Lousey weather (great if you like rain)
    But amazing old things like castles and churches etc.
    Personally I would grab a green card with both hands and feet if they would let me in
    Its still a great country, wild? Yes but its got something for everbody.
    when people say to me "Americans no nothing about the world"
    I say "would you when you live in a country with 4 times zones and 10 times bigger than the UK?"

    I know a couple of Americans over here (one West Coaster and one East)
    The guy from California is in his late 30's, married an English lass and moved here after he was mugged in Hollywood, broad daylight by a drugged up bad guy!! (held a needle to his throat)
    The guy from New York is a real nice guy in his late 60's who moved here in 1968 (he tells me he is still an American with his US passport)
    Thats a point..... did he come here to escape the draft???????
    Must ask him that one
    But both are here thru love
    Both married to brits
    Well its not cupid, but its like being struck down with love

    Tint Bob

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    Being retired military aircrew I have either been in or lived in 25+ countries and must admit, there is NO place better than the USA and I have no desire to move to another country.

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    To immigrate the other way is to emigrate.
    When in doubt, just ask yourself, "What would Theodore Roosevelt do?"

    Every society is 3 missed meals away from anarchy.

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    Roosevelt [Teddy] is the one who said that he hates hyphenated Americans. I've worked all over the world, liked a few places, thought about living in some, but push comes to shove, there is no place like my America. Greatest country in the history of the world, yet there are many people who want to destroy it, a lot of them believing that life owes them, that they're entitled. I'm sticking around - no matter what! I want to see those who hate America face what is coming - and they can then cower in fear of what they helped to create. There's quite a few of us around who put our rear ends on the line for this country - and guess what...we'd do it again, and we may have to...
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    I have friends that moved to Israel and kept both their US and Israeli citizanship. It wasn't to get away from the US, it was more for the patriotic purpose of eliminating Arab/Islamic threats.

    In Israel, they don't tie your hands when fighting a war like they try to do to our soliders.
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