One of our new members has made it into the newspaper

One of our new members has made it into the newspaper

This is a discussion on One of our new members has made it into the newspaper within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Wife worried about husband's gun hobby Wife worried about husband's gun hobby By DR. JOYCE BROTHERS DEAR DR. BROTHERS: I always told my husband he ...

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Thread: One of our new members has made it into the newspaper

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    One of our new members has made it into the newspaper

    Wife worried about husband's gun hobby

    Wife worried about husband's gun hobby


    DEAR DR. BROTHERS: I always told my husband he should get a hobby, but I never thought he'd take my advice. Now I regret ever opening my mouth. Ever since he bought his first gun, he's been like a different person. He wakes up early on Saturday mornings to go to the shooting range, and now he's taken to cleaning his rifle in our bedroom! What's even stranger is that all the talk we used to have about raising a kid has ceased. He's now buying more guns, and it's getting kind of creepy. What can I do? -- D.F.

    DEAR D.F.: Sometimes it seems like boys will be boys at any age. It might take only a little nudge to get a grown man acting like a 12-year-old, and purchasing a gun seems to have had just that effect on your husband. When adults become obsessed with new activities in their lives, it may be because they were denied the opportunity of that experience in their childhood. A forbidden fruit only gets sweeter with age.

    But enjoying a new hobby is no excuse to put family planning on hold. Your best bet may be to wait it out and see if your husband's new infatuation lessens after a few weeks. It's possible it's just something he needs to get out of his system. But if he's still gung-ho about guns after a few months, you might need to talk it over. Gently resume your conversation about starting a family, and don't be afraid to mention that you've noticed that kind of talk has ended ever since he started his new hobby. Sometimes a little dose of reality is all a person needs to see how his or her behavior affects others. A hobby turns into a problem when one's life is entirely consumed by it. If that's the case, he should start thinking about having a kid instead of acting like one.
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    I'm safe, it's not me. I had guns long before I met my wife.
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    I'm past the wanting to have kids stage so it ain't me
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    I'm Also Addicted

    Now this hits home cause my wife told me the same thing and now, she goes shooting with me lol

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    Not me, even though I started into guns 2 years ago, my kids are almost out of the house
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    Not me, I had quite a few rifles and pistols before she became my wife. It didn't
    become an obsession until the kids were grown up and out of the house.

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    At least the spouse is not running around with some chippy......
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    Thought it might have been my wife who wrote in, until the part about kids came up. Pushing 60 we both know better than to think about having kids!
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    It may be me. My wife and I well looking into Adoption and Foster Care, but now I have focused more on finding a 1911 to go with my XD?? It may have been her, I will ask her once the medication wears off!

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    I know it's not me, my youngest is 19. Might be my son in law though.

    a grown man acting like a 12-year-old, and purchasing a gun
    How many 12 year olds do you know that can buy a gun?
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    If his interest weakens in a few weeks.... ROFLMAO. Women ! That's some really bad advice.

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    Look on the bright side, she didn't go on a anti-gun rant. Guns are dangerous, it could go off and kill you, etc, etc, etc. You all get the picture. She pretty much stuck to being a shrink. Most people do tend to go overboard on new hobbies, and completely immerse themselves in them. I think the DR was right, every now and then we all need a swift kick in the butt to remind us that there is more going on then our "hobby". Most of us on this forum could easily be that guy if it wasn't for our wives/husbands keeping us in check. Also, you could substitute the "guns" in the article with any other hobby out there and the advice would still apply.
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    It's not me either, wife thinks I spend too much time on this forum...and we know that isn't I just let the comments go.
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    Not us after 3 kids and me getting clipped there will not be anymore kids in our household. If the Mrs. does get pregant in the famous words of Ricky Ricardo they will be some splaning to do.

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