Hunting fun 2008

Hunting fun 2008

This is a discussion on Hunting fun 2008 within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; 2 weeks hunting. Opening day, first hour or so, perfect broadside on a 8 point. Gun jam! My fault for how I racked the rifle. ...

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Thread: Hunting fun 2008

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    Hunting fun 2008

    2 weeks hunting.

    Opening day, first hour or so, perfect broadside on a 8 point. Gun jam! My fault for how I racked the rifle. CB to family to let them know the way it ran. 30 seconds later (or so) cousin shot it. Only good shot I had all season.

    This year, because of a TB concern, no legal baiting in MI. This would be fine, however when I walked the property of nearby farms, plenty of bait piles. I'm not going to report people. Considered hunting their bait (as I'm not sure how I feel about the decision not to allow bait).

    Caught a cold a few days in. Did not help (as I think the deer could hear me 2 farms away).

    Sort of bummed. My mom's 70th b-day today, she is a big hunter, and I wanted to get her one.

    After 10 years (since the knot was tied) the most my wife and I have ever been apart was 4 days. Seeing her after two weeks was a lot of fun. Wink wink, nod, nod.

    Hope other hunters on the forum had better luck.

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    Missed a trophy 10 pt. Shot this 8pt with my bow.

    Ended up shooting a 7pt for meat for another family. Missed a doe during early season with my bow. Haven't seen anything since the 7pt from the UP. All the deer are nocturnal down here.
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    We're doing pretty good here......freezer is already full!
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    Had deer tenderloin for breakfast this morning and venison stew for supper last night.

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    Rained cats and dogs all darn day. That sucks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    Rained cats and dogs all darn day.
    At least there was plenty of stuff to shoot at.
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