Training question.

Training question.

This is a discussion on Training question. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; So I see on this forum guys talking about the training they have or are taking. My question is this, guys are taking all this ...

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Thread: Training question.

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    Training question.

    So I see on this forum guys talking about the training they have or are taking. My question is this, guys are taking all this training for something they probably will never have to do but how many have taken any training for something you do every day, driving? How many of you have ever taken a defensive driving class? Or how about for those that ride ATV's have you taken an ATV rider course? If so good for ya, if not why not?

    Donít get me wrong, I think training is a good thing but I would think that guys so concerned about being ready and aware of there environment would also be taking other classes that can help them stay alive in there everyday travels.

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    As a pilot who goes every year through recurrent training, I have to agree with you.
    When I decided, after a 40 years hiatus to ride again, I took the MSF basic motorcycle course, even though I had ridden 50K miles in my 20s, and a year later the advanced course. I found out that riding, especially in South Florida, made me a much more aware car driver.

    I've been driving for 51 without any major accident; my only injury accident was in a gas station, when I got rear-ended...
    so I guess I can claim OJT.

    I guess, the older you get, the more you realize what you don't know !!!
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    I don't ride ATVs b/c I think I could kill myself. I used to ski but it no longer appeals to me the way it once did. But when I first was learning to ski, I always took lots of lessons. I achieved NASTAR Gold Medalist. I still play golf occasionally and flirt with sub-80 rounds every once in a while. When I first started playing. I took a golf lesson every week for an entire spring & summer.

    I have been driving 46 years and can't even begin to estimate how many miles I've put on, but it's a lot. I feel very comfortable and confidant behind the wheel b/c of the way my parents guided me while learning to drive. I had drivers ed in high school and a defensive driving course from a company I used to work for.

    In my early 20s, I had one minor accident but nearly collected enough points to lose my DL. Losing my DL would have meant losing my job. I wised up. Maybe I matured. I haven't had a ticket since 1974.

    Even though I have a 4WD vehicle, I am passed by more vehicles than I typically pass when I drive in the mountains in the winter. I sometimes encounter 4WD vehicles who have passed me (mostly often Subarus, I don't know why that is) spun out on the sides of the road.

    I never exceed the speed limit and I am SA while driving, just as I am while out in public. I have avoided many traffic accidents by being SA on the road. I never overdrive my headlights or drive faster than the conditions allow. I always keep a safe stopping distance between me and the car in my front.

    Two years ago I got serious about CCW. I want to become as good a CCWer as I am a driver. That's why I take all the 'gun type' training I can. I want to get as comfortable and competent a CCWer & shooter as I am a driver.

    To be good at something, it is necessary to practice it every day. We do that when we drive a car. Most of us don't get a chance to practice shooting every day, that's why some of us take a lot of 'gun type' training.
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    I moved your thread here to Off Topic because it really did not fit where it was originally placed, since it really pertains to defensive driving and not defensive firearm carry.

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    I'm a Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor, and I couldn't agree with you more. In our intro courses, folks are amazing in their ability to learn. When we teach the advanced course on their own bikes, suddenly they're scared to death.
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    Thanks Shooter.

    I wasn't quite sure where to put it.

    I teach driving, towing and ATV classes for my employer, it is very eye opening as I have a captive audience, be there if you want to keep your job. As you can imagine I get all kinds of people from the 21 year old punk to the 55 year old I know what I am doing been driving 40 years old gray hair. About 99% of the time I get told that the class was well worth it. People tend to forget stuff and itís good for a refresher. The class also tends to heighten your situational awareness.

    As for the ATV class its funny how many guys I get that can ride, been riding for ever and are the best. Well out of a few hundred trained so far there where only about 3 guys that could ride. This is just the basic ASI rider course nothing special and most learn how to ride faster, better, and in more control by the time I'm done.

    How about CPR and basic first aid? Something that is not practiced everyday but you are more likely to use it then a weapon.

    Do you have a fire extinguisher in the house or rig? Do you know how to use it? Dose your wife and kids? When you need it is not the time to be reading the directions. Itís amazing how many people really don't know how to use one and have never fired one off.

    I guess what I am trying to say is weapons training is great but if you really want to be prepared and aware there is a hole lot more to it then just weapons classes and a lot of the trainings benefit you everyday.

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    There are certain activity's that people always think they know what they are doing, shooting is most definalty one of them, as are ATV's or driving in general. Everybody thinks they are an expert.

    I used to be an avid ATV rider, but have since switched to dirt bikes. I thought I was a good rider until I took a couple of classes designed for L.E., and quickly learned I wasnt as good as I thought.
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