Best Christmas Present Ever!

Best Christmas Present Ever!

This is a discussion on Best Christmas Present Ever! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Okay, other than an actual gun (or two, in case my wife reads this thread - I know, I know, fat chance), what is the ...

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    Best Christmas Present Ever!

    Okay, other than an actual gun (or two, in case my wife reads this thread - I know, I know, fat chance), what is the best gun-related Christmas present you ever received?

    Book? Video? Accessories? Ammo? Certificate to training?

    I need ideas for .
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    I gave my wife a certificate for her CC class and she completed it and received her permit last year (after many, many years of coaxing). Even though I gave her the certificate, I still think it ended up being one of the best gifts that I ever received.
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    Last year the wife got me an annual pass to the shooting range we use.
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    I got a 40 some odd piece cleaning kit that I use every time I shoot now. It's great!

    No more using the old lunchbox (50's model) with Penzoil to clean my pretties.
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    Well, it could have been a Dillon RL-550B...except that my g/f already got me that for my birthday!
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    My best christmas gift came early,.. it was my son, born 1 week before Christmas. Of course that was 19 years ago.

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    Have to be my Fort Knox gun safe that I got about 10 years ago. So nice not to ever have to worry about my collection while I'm away. Oh, and those Reese Christmas Trees they have this time of year... I do LOVE my chocolate!

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    A nice gun cleaning kit

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    Chanuka Gift, My Sig P245
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    "Permission" buy another gun?

    Actually, just a couple of weeks ago, my wife suggested I buy some 'extra' ammo...I assume it had Christmas intentions attached...fine with me. I got tons...
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    I haven't actually gotten it yet, but my Mom is getting me my first custom holster this year!

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    My daughter actually tried very hard to find a particular holster that I was wanting. She didn't end up being able to find & get it, but I found out that she worked very hard in her attempt.

    That she tried so hard to get it, meant a lot to me.


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