JFK assassination

JFK assassination

This is a discussion on JFK assassination within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Most anyone living during the time of Pearl Harbor can remember where they were when the attack occurred. My Dad had enlisted in the Army ...

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Thread: JFK assassination

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    JFK assassination

    Most anyone living during the time of Pearl Harbor can remember where they were when the attack occurred. My Dad had enlisted in the Army Air Corp at the time, and I asked him exactly where he was when he heard the news. He said, "he was in a bar in New Orleans" and shortly afterwards MP's starting showing up sending everyone back to their base.

    The same thing is true with the Kennedy assassination, I remember exactly where I was when I first heard about it. I was in the 6th grade when the principal came over the intercom and said, "Boys and girls, our president has been shot". Our teacher quickly left the classroom, presumably going to the office for more information. We all sat quietly in our desks, I think I recall one girl crying. I can't quite remember whether school was dismissed for a few days? I do remember at home, we were glued to the black and white tv for several days, and happened to be watching it live at the moment that Oswald was killed.

    As a sidenote, what is your opinion on this assassination. On a scale of 0-10 let zero represent that Oswald operated alone/no conspiracy existed, and let ten represent that conspiracy definitely existed. Also in few words, if a conspiracy existed, who was behind it?

    My opinion is that it rates around an 8, and the mafia was a major player.
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    I was quail hunting with a relativ when his mother drove up and honked the horn and waved to us to come over. She told us that JFK had been killed in Dallas.

    To this day I believe that LBJ was involved in it, up to his ears.

    Conspiracy? A 9+ on your scale.

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    Actually, as well planned and choreographed as the assassination was, I am more apt to blame the CIA. Oswald was a patsy who I doubt was even involved, just framed.
    Reconstruction of the event shows several shots coming from different locations and fired with pinpoint accuracy, a feat Oswald could've never accomplished with his Carcano rifle at a moving target.
    Kennedy made quite a few enemies in the intelligence community after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
    Likewise the killing of Robert Kennedy was a conspiracy, as he was steered into the assassin at the last minute. I'd rate both a 10.
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    I was no where to be found at that time, wasn't born until '73, but I would say the conspiracy would be around a 7 or so. If the Marine Corps labeled Oswald a fair shot at best, knowing how stringent they are for their standards, I don't think he could have made all those shots on a moving target in that time frame.

    OMO, no real data to back it up. I also think the Mafia, if one really exists , had a hand in it too. I think it was a retaliation on both Kennedy boys for their aggressive attack on organized crime after their own Dad was mixed up in rum running.

    Again, only the opinion of someone who wasn't even born then. But I have heard my Dad talk about it. He was in the fire station in Greensboro, NC when the news came over the TV. He said the whole station just stopped, nothing or no one made a noise.
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    I was in the 7th grade on that day. Like with ppkheat, the principal came on the intercom and announced that Pres. Kennedy had been shot. About 30 minute later school was dismissed. I don't remember when we went back. Since he was assassinated on a Friday I would guess we went back to school on Monday.

    Do I think Oswald was involved, yes. Do I think he acted alone, no. Kennedy made many enemies in the time he was in office. Between the civil rights movement, the mafia, the Cuban missile crisis, and withdrawal of support to the Cuban freedom fighters.

    Who was behind it, hard to tell. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised to find out LBJ didn't know about it.
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    it was two month before I was born on mamma's B day I'll never forget mamma's bday!!

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    1-10 i give it an 11. The Mafia put JFK in office and when Bobby started taking down the Mafia they got upset and took him out.

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    I was also in 6th grade that strange November day. We were sent home after the announcement on the PA system. I believe that Oswald acted alone, but there probably was a conspiracy behind it. Same for RFK. On your scale, probably a 10.
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    I was in the 7th grade. I guess at my school we were pretty niave about it.

    When the announcement came that he had been shot and school was being dismissed, we thought of it as a pretty cool extra holiday.

    We figured that Kennedy would have a press conference later with his arm in a sling talking about how he got shot.

    When I got home, my Mom was crying and said that Kennedy had died.

    I was floored! It never occurred to me that he wouldn't recover. After all, Roy Rogers always did.

    That truely was a time of "growing up" for me.
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    I wasn't born quite yet, but I have studied the incident in detail in both a professional and personal capacity. On your scale, I give it a big, fat "0". He acted alone.
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    I wasnt around just yet too, but I think its pretty darn certain than there is more to the story. The only questions are who and how much.
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    I was in a pool room (misspent youth) at the time earning a little extra pocket money.

    Both the JFK and the RFK shootings have a certain stink about them that say "something's rotten in Denmark."

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    I wasn't even close to being around yet (born in '85). But, I do belive that sombody out there knows exactly how it went down.

    My where were you when...
    was Sept. 11, 2001 I was in my high school history class (favorite class, btw) when a teacher inturupted our class and turned on the TV for us.

    When they showed the footage of the 1st aircraft hitting, everyone in the class looked at me (everyone knew i was going to college to be a commercial pilot) and asked how/why a plane could hit a tower?
    I responded with a definite "I have no clue?".

    Just then the second plane hit, again everyone turns to me.
    This time, I had an answer for them...but couldn't belive what i was about to say.

    yeah...I remember that day
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    Our family was traveling from Ohio to my grandparents farm in Nebraska for Thanksgiving. Dad just about ran off the road when the news came on the radio. Spent most of the holiday glued to the (black & white) TV - except dinner and a little hunting. I want to think that Oswald did it all by himself and that there was no conspiracy.

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    I was waiting for a required 201 philosophy class to begin at Roosevelt University. Once we found out I recall a german exchange student saying, probably some nut over the race question did it. I was not particularly reassured when I heard, I think it was the next day that Oswald got arrested and then shot in the police station by a gangster that owned strip clubs.

    Since the American people accepted the Warren Report as a final answer, maybe they are capable of accepting any other nonsense they might be offered. I was accused on the high road forum of wearing tinfoil for expresing views and evidence that Osward and Ruby were not acting alone before the moderator locked the thread. So much for the highroad.

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