Larry Hickey Fundraising raffle/in jail after SD shooting

Larry Hickey Fundraising raffle/in jail after SD shooting

This is a discussion on Larry Hickey Fundraising raffle/in jail after SD shooting within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I know next to nothing about this, but there is a raffle of some pretty neat stuff, being put on by some serious gun folk, ...

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Thread: Larry Hickey Fundraising raffle/in jail after SD shooting

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    Larry Hickey Fundraising raffle/in jail after SD shooting

    I know next to nothing about this, but there is a raffle of some pretty neat stuff, being put on by some serious gun folk, so I post this for your information:

    By Kathy Jackson
    Concealed Carry Magazine
    Managing Editor

    Can you help a brother in need?

    Recently, a fellow armed citizen felt his life was in danger while he was on the ground, being kicked and beaten by three assailants. Larry Hickey, from Tucson, AZ, is in jail tonight and facing felony charges because he defended himself with his legally-carried firearm. An instructor in the field of self defense through James Yeager's school, Tactical Response, Hickey is a card-carrying good guy who has spent a lot of his life helping others learn to defend themselves. And now he's in a bad spot, and needs our help.

    Tactical Response is coordinating a raffle of really great gun stuff - including ten one-year USCCA memberships, thousands of dollars of FREE instruction from professional training schools, several firearms, and lots of other valuable goodies (see the long, complete list at the bottom of this email).

    Hickey needs to raise $50,000 to retain a top attorney in the Tucson area. His family and friends have currently raised about half of that sum. They are also trying to raise money for bail, which is set at $100,000. I would love to see USCCA members get involved in a big way, and help Mr. Hickey get the legal representation he needs, along with making bail.

    If you want to read more about the whole incident, go to the Tactical Response forum, (Get Off The X) at Groupee Login. Registration in that forum is free and they are good folks.

    The raffle will be held December 12th, so there's not much time. If you want to get involved with this opportunity, you'll need to move FAST!

    Thanks, everyone. I know if I were in his shoes I'd sure hope others would do for me what his friends are trying to do for him.

    To purchase $5 raffle chances go HERE! (Groupee Login)

    To donate items for the raffle go HERE! (Groupee Login)


    You may send money to purchase raffle tickets to the following address. Make funds payable to Tracy Hightower.

    Larry Hickey Defense Fund 1061 Asbury Rd. Camden TN 38320

    Funds must be received before Friday, December 12th. The drawings will be held Friday, December 12th at 11:00 am.

    Groupee Login


    Ok folks donations of items are rolling in for the Larry Hickey Defense Fund Raffle.

    If you wish to donate an item or veiw items being raffled please see THIS THREAD

    You may purchase your raffle chances at the following PayPal address.


    You may send payments to the following address.

    Larry Hickey Defense Fund
    1061 Asbury Rd.
    Camden TN 38320

    Make funds payable to Me.

    Funds must be received before Friday December 12th as the drawings will be held Friday December 12th at 11:00am

    Raffle chances are $5.00 each. If you wish to purchase more than one chance then send more money. Example: If you wish to purchase 10 chances then send $50.00 and your name will be entered 10 times in each drawing.

    Each item will be drawn for separately and your name will be in each drawing. If you buy one chance, your name will be entered one time for each drawing. If you buy 10 chances your name will be entered 10 times for each drawing.

    When we begin to draw for items we will post what item we are drawing for and we will draw a name and post the winner. No tickets or numbers will be sent out as there is not time for this. We are all men and women of honor doing this for an honorable cause. Everyone will have an equal chance at winning.

    If you donate an item, you may also participate in the drawings. It is not fair to exclude those who have donated items from a chance to win. It will just suck if you win your own item. Smiler


    When you send your PayPal Payment in the subject line put the words "Larry Hickey Fundraiser". Nothing else!

    In the message box, put your name and phone number. Nothing else!

    DO NOT put the words "raffle", "drawing" or I want 10 chances or anything that refers to a raffle. Do not make any reference to this thread or the other raffle thread. There is nothing illegal about a raffle here it just that PayPal has a problem with raffles.


    Time extended by request.

    Enjoy, good luck and thank you all for your generous donations to a good cause.

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    It appears this involved some type of family fight.

    Police: 3 shot over pre-school children fight

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    Such little coverage. This is all I could dig up.

    Police: 3 shot over pre-school children fight

    From what people are saying, he was being stomped on, but there seems to be such little information available. If he was indeed being stomped viciously on then it seems reasonable to respond with deadly force as deadly force was being used upon him.

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    Too little information but it sounds like if it was brewing over a week I'm not sure what thebasis was and #1 I would try to diffuse /deescalate the situation first.until we know more It's hard to armchair this one
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    I agree with the other posters, not nearly enough information here. I would hate to contribute to his defense fund just to find out he instigated the confrontation.
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    More info would be needed for me to do something.
    Walking away from an argument is a lot easier (tough on the ego) than pulling a gun to prove a point and needing an attorney.

    Having a sidearm means that becoming a 'tough guy' is a stupid move.

    Stay armed...if possible, walk away...stay safe!
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