History of Violence

History of Violence

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Thread: History of Violence

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    History of Violence

    Just watched the first part of the movie - either "A history of violence" or "History of violence".

    Violence is the right word - at least in the first several minutes of this movie.

    Scenario that really stands out for me was when the bad guys went into the small town diner at closing time.

    Had to think about "What If" for if I had been in a place like that either alone or with my wife and how I might react in similiar situation.

    Anyone else see that movie?
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    Yup, good flick, I enjoy it. He does pretty decent in the small town diner, but maybe had someone been carryin coulda put them ahead of the bg's ooda loop.
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    I saw it and it was pretty good,I think an armed citisen coulda got the drop on them as they didn't seem too concerned about anybody else being armed
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    Good movie!!
    I think it is a great illustration of "any time, any place, it can happen."
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    Good movie. Viggo Mortensen really knows how to open that can of whoop *** in this one.
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    Great Flick. Viggo did rocked...Maria Bellos' performance deserves some credit too. Definately a couple of her scenes I had to rewind and appreciate over again.
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    It's been a while, but I remember it as a great flick. Unapolagetic with its violence and love scenes... hard to find both those qualities in a movie that's not a foreign film usually.

    I've been meaning to go back and read the graphic novel that it's based on, which I heard was much more violent than the movie. Thanks for the reminder.

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    I remember reading about their sex scene on the stairs that left them both bruised due to their "enthusiasm". Talk about method acting. :D
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    I saw it in theaters and didn't quite understand it. I did like the fighting scenes at the beginning. Viggo Mortensen did a GREAT job of acting like he knew what he was doing in a confrontation. I remember the thing that jumped out at me was that when the shooting stopped, his alertness didn't. He kept on scanning for a threat even after the obvious ones had been put down. I know it was just a movie, but that seemed like a very well done portrayal of a man who had survived a few gunfights.

    BTW if you liked History of Violence check out Eastern Promises. VERY well done movie, I liked the story line a lot better than History of Violence. There's a scene where the Russian mob tries to assassinate Viggo in a public bath; it's downright brutal! That man is not afraid.
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    Good movie, I try to watch it every couple of mouths
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    i dont remember to much about it but i do remember i didnt like it all that much. i remember thinking it didnt make much sense. maybe its just my taste in movies. am i the only one?

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    I remember when it first came out I was pissed, because it wasn't in any theaters in Idaho and never was. I had to wait for DVD to come out. Pretty good flick though.
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