Some Time with My Commander in Chief

Some Time with My Commander in Chief

This is a discussion on Some Time with My Commander in Chief within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; **I hesitated to post this for fear of violating the no politics reg, but I found it to be a valuable, eye-opening experience. If I ...

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Thread: Some Time with My Commander in Chief

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    Some Time with My Commander in Chief

    **I hesitated to post this for fear of violating the no politics reg, but I found it to be a valuable, eye-opening experience. If I am in violation, please delete it at the earliest possible convenience**

    I had the unique opportunity today to spend over 2 hours with my Commander in Chief, President George Bush. As you may (but probably don't) know from my profile, I'm a senior at West Point. We were privileged enough to have a visit from POTUS today. He addressed the under three classes together with a typical presidential speech. The First Class however, was assembled in a separate auditorium. After watching his public speech on telecast, we remained in the auditorium.

    The President then came to address our class, Class of 2009, on our own. This was an incredible experience. POTUS made a deal with us: there were no cameras, no media, no recording devices of any kind. We were not permitted to take video with our digital cameras. We made an agreement of confidence with the President (which I will not be breaking here) that he would speak to the 1,000 of us, and us alone. In return, he was absolutely candid, speaking to us like a normal human being. What followed was a Q&A session lasting about 2.5 hours. No speech writers, no prepared agenda. Just us asking him what was on our minds and straight answers from him.

    It was, quite frankly, unbelieveable. The man is the most intelligent, dynamic speaker I've ever seen here at the academy (and we get some pretty heavy hitters!) He articulated his beliefs, policies, and actions in a manner that we don't ever see on TV when he's reading his speeches. And the man is hilarious, to boot. I'm thoroughly convinced that if George W. Bush spoke on a regular basis to the American People like he spoke to us today, he would go down as one of the greatest Presidents in the history of our nation.

    I've sometimes had doubts (in private) as to the quality of our President and the appropriateness of some of his decisions. I will tell you with full confidence that today those doubts were cast aside for me. I hope that, with time, history will judge the man that spoke with me today instead of the popular image of George W. Bush.

    I guess it just goes to show the vast difference between when folks say what they believe is acceptable and that others want to hear versus saying what they really mean without tiptoeing around things. I certainly learned a life lesson today about the power of being straightforward and up front about things with my troops, one which I suspect will serve me well in the near future.

    **Again, my purpose here was to share a unique experience and valuable lesson. Hopefully this will not be taken in the wrong light**

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    Sounds like you had a good experience. And I think that we can all ignore the political side of this, and learn from what you've said. It can apply anywhere in life.
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    its a shame how he can't be as candid with his own people as he was with your grad class. But like everything else, the media, the different political groups, etc. would have ripped him apart.
    What a wonderful way to spend time with him and absorb it all, that I feel is the right way to do it.
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    What a neat experiance. I had a chance to meet him about two years ago too. I didnt get to converse much with him at all, but I did come away with the same feeling you did too. It was because I was "star struck" or anything like that, he's just a man like everyone else, but he is certainly not what he has been portrayed as.
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    Good for you, DRH... very cool. I saw Reagan speak when I was a little older than you, and while it wasn't the candid talk you got, it was still an excellent experience... very memorable.

    People tend to forget that Bush was looking forward to a quiet term in office... he inherited the Clinton surplus and set his sights on being the "education President"... until...

    Anyway, play it over in your head... remember the details... better yet, write it down, in all the detail you can muster... that will be an essay that will only appreciate for you over time.

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    +1 on writing it down. What a cool experience.

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    Sorry but, this is destined to become politically charged and heated thread.

    9. We have learned from bitter experience that discussions of certain subjects (politics, religion, abortion, sexual orientation, etc) often degenerate quickly.
    For this reason, we generally discourage these subjects in our discussions. We also discourage "caliber wars" and the virtues of "open carry" topic; strongly encouraging you to take these discussions to other forums where these topics are the focus.
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