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Best big name brand of batteries for the money IYO?

This is a discussion on Best big name brand of batteries for the money IYO? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I stock Duracell AAAs. I found that Energizers tend to not hold up will and leak inside my flashlight... and that's bad juju....

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    39 59.09%
  • Rayovac

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Thread: Best big name brand of batteries for the money IYO?

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    I stock Duracell AAAs. I found that Energizers tend to not hold up will and leak inside my flashlight... and that's bad juju.
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    I buy rechargeable batteries. Make the calculations and you end up saving money in the long run. I voted for Energizer.

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    I buy Kirkland brand batteries from Costco. I've never had any problems with them. The AAs are in a 48 pack I believe. They used to be wrapped by 4s inside the larger pack which was awesome - grab a mini pack and throw it in your bag or whatever. Now they are loose inside the pack. On the up side though, Costco now sells AAA kirkland batteries as well.

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    It is funny because I've had different brands work in different devices, umm....differently....

    I have had good luck with Energizer and Duracell. But I remember having a few devices that seemed to like Energizer better. I could not guess why, but it just seemed like Duracell would get eaten up much quicker.

    On the flip side I've seen Duracell or Rayovac on occasion out perform Energizer at times in other devices. I guess a lot has to do with freshness and different device properties.

    But given the equal choice, I will usually buy Energizer.

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    I go with Duracell. They seem to last a bit longer, though this judgment was made 2 or 3 decades ago.
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    Energizer as far as retail batteries go. Non re-chargeable go for lithium, they WILL last longer.

    I do photography with off camera flashes and they use 4 AA batteries each. I use the energizer 2450 mah re-chargeables and i get 100+ shots. A standard alkaline set would die in less than 50 flashes
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    In my work I use AA batteries in RF devices. I use the Energizer lithium. They are way more expensive, but the life of the batteries justifies the cost. Even the used ones are better than a new alkaline (I give them away to co-workers for their CD players and digital cameras). In the alkaline, there is no difference in quality. Get what is cheaper.

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    I chose Duracell. Just my personal preference. They seem to last longer in most my devices however I've done no scientific study.

    For my CR123 lithium batteries, I always buy in bulk from Botach Tactical. I'm on their email list so I get the notices in time to get the sale.

    They have a sale for bulk CR123's several times a year in which the price simply can not be beat anywhere else. They will either be on Energizer, Sure Fire, or Sanyo brand lithiums and I've had them all. (Why spend $10 for 2 batteries at Walmart when I can buy 20-50 for $20-$35 at Botach?)

    Sometimes they'll have a deal where you're paying .69 cents each.
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    Maybe it's like some guns like different ammo more than others?

    This may be the most educational thread on this whole site!
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    Duracell all the way for me.

    It drives me nuts to see my wife come home from the dollar store with one of those "economy value 48 count" packs of batteries.... I'm lucky to get one fourth the use out of those as compared to Duracell batteries.

    But, of course, she refuses to listen when I tell her the value pack ends up being a waste of money for my needs.

    It creates four times the amount of waste product, slows me down by having to change batteries all the time, and most of all it just plain ticks me off..

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    Proof is in the pudding. We use battery operated Xmas candles in our windows. This yesr we took them out of the box and only a few worked, and worked great. Upon investigating, every candle with Duracell was working, and the rest were Everyready or off brand. Without a doubt Duracell out last the rest.

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    I am a photographer, AA flash batteries can make or break you. A camera, lens and attached flash that cost $4-5000 can miss that important groom kissing his new bride shot because $5 worth of batteries can't recycle fast enough! The best I have found for power draining devices like camera flashes (when using fast and furiously) is the Panasonic Evolt. If I am methodically shooting, most any good rechargable or name brand will do fine. It's all in how qickly you need it to "recycle" back up to power.

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    Many moons ago, my son's school had a science project exhibition. Several of the students did a battery life test. What they discovered was Duracell, IIRC, lasted the longest, but the Costco Kirkland were the best value. They didn't last as long, but because they were so much cheaper, the $/hrs was the lowest.

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    Right now, my local Radio Shack has a packageof 40 AA or AAA for $13. Duracell 20 pack for $10. I stocked up. Put the batteries right next to my ammo stock.
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