Pic of the month?

Pic of the month?

This is a discussion on Pic of the month? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I just wanted to volunteer my opinion of another member's pic. Was portrayed in a thread, but I'd like to think of it as a ...

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    Pic of the month?

    I just wanted to volunteer my opinion of another member's pic. Was portrayed in a thread, but I'd like to think of it as a good pic of the season. December's picture....to my thinking. Breaking new ground....hoping to get something started, and more interest in the forum. Pic of the month, and voted by the site administration after popular vote. I think this could possibly gain site interest and activity, as well as support. Just a simple concept.....one for the rest of the members to take further.

    All in all, it's beautiful, well portrayed, and spontaneous. My vote for the December pic of the month. Originally posted by be44321
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    +1 for Dec pic of the Month!
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    +2! I liked that pic when I saw it in the first post.
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    I love how the lights make the M&P just pop!
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    We'll need the site administration's help on this. Approval, and what not, but I think it's a good opportunity to have members become more involved. And to gain more members as well. Voting could be by the admins, or the general forum. Submissions would have to meet criteria in compliance with the site admin. Just another dream of mine....but it might have benefits to all. Site support would be good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paco View Post
    I love how the lights make the M&P just pop!
    Highly artistic in my book. It's all well done because it was spontaneous.

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    I need to get some ornaments just like that...hmmm gun show in the morning
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    Thank you . That's just what I wanted for Christmas
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    It might make me learn how to use that dang digital gizmo!

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    man...the xmas-light and tree makes it look good ! real good ! Perfect for december !!!!
    this is gonna be a fun series to do, and some good competitive photos to judge !
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    That's a really cool picture, and I like the idea Ram Rod.


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    I really like the idea of a picture of the month here on DC. Maybe a little award for getting the most votes for picture of the month, like a DC.com T-shirt or something.

    And if you submit it, you give Bumper the rights to use it as a promotional picture or graphic for the site or to be used on DC.com merchandise.

    RamRod is correct, it could really stir a whole new level of participation in the site. And those of us who are closet shutterbugs would love the opportunity to get some pictures shown out there!

    How about it Bumper?
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    I think voting for the pic of the month would be fun.
    Nice Christmas glow on that M&P Tis the season!!
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    Christmas in Afghanistan, 2004

    With the traditional Christmas Tumbleweed...
    Attached Images
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    What a wonderful gun!
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    I like that idea too. It would be fun to do, in my copious spare time.
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