Adam Walsh case closed after 27 years

Adam Walsh case closed after 27 years

This is a discussion on Adam Walsh case closed after 27 years within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I didn't know exactly where to put this...... John Walsh (host of America's Most Wanted) and his wife finally have some closure in their life ...

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Thread: Adam Walsh case closed after 27 years

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    Adam Walsh case closed after 27 years

    I didn't know exactly where to put this......

    John Walsh (host of America's Most Wanted) and his wife finally have some closure in their life over their son's death 27 years ago.

    HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - The abduction happened 27 years ago, at a time when parents routinely left their children playing in the toy store, unattended, and continued shopping.

    But when Reve Walsh returned to pick up her 6-year-old son, he wasn't there. Over the mall loudspeaker, the plea came: "Adam Walsh, please come to customer service."

    Two weeks later, fishermen discovered the boy's severed head in a canal 120 miles away from the Hollywood mall. His body was never found.

    now listen to this from a college sociologist/criminologist:

    Others are more hesitant to dole out credit. John Walsh's efforts, said Mount Holyoke College sociologist and criminologist Richard Moran, have made children and adults exponentially more afraid of the world.

    "He ended up really producing a generation of cautious and afraid kids who view all adults and strangers as a threat to them and it made parents extremely paranoid about the safety of their children," Moran said.

    ummm.....well.....YEAH!! has this guy seen what evil killers, rapists, robbers, and other scumbags are in the world preying on the innocent?!?!?!?!?

    its people like this, and thinking like this that has created a generation of because they don't see what is happening around them!!!!!!

    I was so happy to read this article about the case being solved and it really ticked me off when I read this professor's statements
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    Here's a link to the story on MSNBC

    I don't know what to say on this, I'm glad the family has some closure, but I wish they could have gotten it in a more fitting way...

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    I'm glad that there was closure for the Walsh family. John Walsh was certainly motivated by the incident and is doing some wonderful things for the country.
    The tragedy here is that this (not deceased) dirtbag was allowed to roam the streets after his first serious encounter with the law.
    They need to take people like this...bind them, and (like in Thailand) toss them to the gators.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 64zebra View Post
    I was so happy to read this article about the case being solved and it really ticked me off when I read this professor's statements
    I agree, plus they spelled his name wrong, it should be:

    said Mount Holyoke College sociologist and criminologist Richard MORON
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    I've met John as he is originally from up near Syracuse. He still visits often and is seen on the local news and at local events. He seems like a great guy and I hope this give he and his family some peace. If that is even possible.

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    I know Mr. Walsh only from his show. The more I learned of his motivation, tho, the more I admire him.
    He and his family have lived through such a horrific episode as to be unfathomable to most of us.
    Yet they can get only so much closer.
    My prayers are with them.
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    Because of Adam Walsh, I kept a much closer eye on my kids in stores. My wife (now EX) didn't. One day at a store I asked where my 6 yr old daughter was.... she said "in the next aisle".... I was like "WHAT , you aren't watching her? ".

    Well, she wasn't in the next aisle, the next aisle, or the next aisle... any direction. She was GONE.... so I became frantic looking for her and started yelling her name.......

    I heard a very "faint" ... "DADDY..... HELP.. HELP". I had never ever heard a plea for help like this... and I ran in the direction of where it came from. What I soon saw, a guy..... literally dragging my daughter behind him as he was headed for the front door of the store (not that far from him) , my daughter yelling and screaming, and about 50 people watching and doing nothing.....

    I yelled out "GRAB THAT GUY .... HE's KIDNAPPING MY KID" Still.... everyone just looked and did nothing. He let go of my daughter and ran like hell out the front door....... when I got out the front door behind him, he had vanished.... could not see him.

    Now, what if I had not been there, and only my EX. I have no doubt, my daughter would have been found dead somewhere. You had to see the guy, the scene, and the look in his face, to know.... that would be true. And, because of Adam Walsh , I was paying more attention.

    Years later, I wrote John Walsh and told him in detail what occurred, and how it was because of Adam, that my daughter is still here.

    There are lots and lots of child molesters and killers out there....... and John Walsh finally brought that to light to the American's out there..... and yes, it ended the "belief" that everyone was safe... but they never were.

    All I can say is.... Rest in Peace Adam..... and thank you and your father. I hope the guy who ended your life, rots in hell.

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    Say what you want about the show, but I feel that it has done quite a bit of good. I personally didn't watch it, but it did lead to the capture of one of the FBI's '10 most wanted' who was working at Electric Boat when I was stationed there from 89-91.

    This guy was wanted for double homicide, went on the run, changed his name, and was able to go to work for one of the country's biggest defense contractors. Doesn't say much for the quality of the background checks done by General Dynamics/Electric Boat.

    Google 'Wardell Ford' for details.
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    The only issue I have is that John Walsh is RABIDLY anti-gun. Other than that his work is phenomenal...
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