What do you get when you have 4 married men, a Glock 21, 3 1911s, 4 various .357s, a pistol grip pump 12ga, an AR-15 and a lifted 4x4 GMC Yukon 6 days before Christmas?

Thats right, the New Hampshire Urban Assault Shopping Team.

Not bounded by roads, parking spaces, medians, curbs and most traffic laws, we took Concord, NH by storm tonight. Aided by a little planning last night with a 30 rack, we plotted our route, made a list of things and where they were and the most efficient way to get between them Along with alternate routes.

Long story short, all four of us got all of our Christmas shopping done in under 3.5 hours, and thats door to door, a 25 minute drive each way.

The life savers were the stores like Circuit City that let you place an order in advance and pick it up at the store. If we could only figure out how to get rid of the lines, we probably could have shaved at least a half hour off our time.

Good luck to everyone else.