A thought about the mentality of an anti

A thought about the mentality of an anti

This is a discussion on A thought about the mentality of an anti within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The other day, I was watching a video online of someone chopping stuff with a sword. My first thought was that that was pretty cool ...

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    A thought about the mentality of an anti

    The other day, I was watching a video online of someone chopping stuff with a sword. My first thought was that that was pretty cool and I'd like to have one. My second thought was holy cow, without even thinking about it I could accidentally cut my ear off (or other appendage).

    I found it a little curious that while the idea of swinging a sword around scares me, the idea of carrying a loaded gun around does not, because I know exactly what I have to do to keep it safe. I know the safety rules for guns and don't have to think about them to follow them, but the same is not true for swords. I know in theory that if I were swinging a sword around it would only cut what I swung it at, but having little experience with it I really don't think it would be safe to do so without carefully thinking through every move I made beforehand.

    So I was struck with the fact that this is probably what it feels like to be the average anti: to see a gun as something where screwing up and killing someone would be way too easy to do accidentally, given that you have to constantly be thinking about all these 'rules' you have to follow.

    Clearly in some sense, that is correct, but it seems like to the inexperienced it is easy to overestimate how difficult it is.
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    I have found that more people are scared of a large knife or sword then they are of guns. Swords mak a far more gruesome and gastly wound then a gun does. If you want to learn sword work look for someone that teaches Sabre.
    I have used a Machete for years and one does need to learn the balance. I have sliced open boots, and pants I have suffered a few small cuts. I have had worse cuts from careless use of an axe.

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    It's like that post a week or so ago of the woman who was accidentally mailed the automatic meant for the PD. "I was just terrified that thing was just going to go off [spontaneously]"

    It's just inexperience. We all need to do our part to educate everyone around us. I have a standing offer with anyone I know, first trip to the range I pick up all the costs and provide free ammo.
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    I've done some training with a Katana and it can be a fearsome weapon.

    A gun leaves a small hole in you.

    A katana can cut you in half or remove an arm,leg or head without much effort.

    Gun people know this, thus the fear of the blade.

    Anti gun people are generally scared of the unknown. Since they have little or no experience with a gun, they relate that fear to a gun like we do a sword.
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