If Santa was packin heat?

If Santa was packin heat?

This is a discussion on If Santa was packin heat? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; What would he carry? Where would he carry? OWB, IWB, SOB etc. Does he believe in open carry? I am sure he would have no ...

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Thread: If Santa was packin heat?

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    If Santa was packin heat?

    What would he carry? Where would he carry? OWB, IWB, SOB etc. Does he believe in open carry? I am sure he would have no problem concealing and he probaly has a 50 cal attached to that sled somewhere, but I am worried about him and the neighborhoods he has to go into.I know I have lost my mind but this beats boring TV Shows and the In- Laws. Merry Christmas
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    I can see him packing a S&W .44Mag, never know when he might have to put down an unruly Reindeer.

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    Being a big fella, I'm thinking Santa would try to pull off a Smartcarry. Definitely holding a revolver of some sort. Being old school, I think a .45 long Colt would be the choice.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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    I guess that settles it
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    I think Santa would be packing a S&W500 in a Del Fatti OWB.
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    A Kimber with a shoulder holster (vertical), and a snubbie in his boot...probably a BushMaster AR inside the sled, too!
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    I'm the Santa in this house, so I can answer that: An old (mid-70's) CZ-75, spare mag, 147gr SXT +p's, and a PF-9 (same loads) for BUG. 1911 in the dresser; Coach gun and loaded AK in the front of the safe for "Grab-n-Go."
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    Well, I've seen him with a Glock (link), but that was probably a present for someone here. Good trigger discipline, though.
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    Santa likes wheel guns for a primary gun, with that said he carries a Ruger Blackhawk in.44mag in a shoulder rig. For a BUG he carries a Ruger LCP tucked in his beard. On the dash of his sled is mounted a Mossberg 500 pump with a pistol grip loaded with 00buck to keep coyotes from the reindeer. At least thats what he told me when I was a young buck myself.
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    Being originally from Germany I would think he would have a Mauser Broomhandle in a special 'lightbending' holster for when he has to enter Mayor Bloomberg's residence
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    I can tell ya this much, if the word gets out that Santa is pack'n there'll be a LOT more milk and cookies left out!

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    Talking A Big Gun

    I think he'd leave it to the sleigh mounted Phalanx:

    That way he can focus on the important stuff he needs to do.
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