Another Christmas at the ER

Another Christmas at the ER

This is a discussion on Another Christmas at the ER within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Greetings and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all at DC! Christmas Eve was spent at the Fort Bragg ER with our 3 yo son ...

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Thread: Another Christmas at the ER

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    Another Christmas at the ER

    Greetings and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all at DC!

    Christmas Eve was spent at the Fort Bragg ER with our 3 yo son Liam who decided to add another scar to his fore head by jumping of his big sister's desk and clipping the edge of the desk along the way. The Er was packed like any other day. There was a Special ops dog handler that got bit in the face by a dog, 1 trauma patient, and a whole lot of people that had various other ailments. Our other 3 children we sent to our nieghbors house (bless them) and we spent about 1 1/2 hours total time (yes I know, we were lucky that it was that short). My son added another scar to his fore head (he has one on the right side eye brow, and now one on the left side hair line).

    Hope everyone else enjoyed thier Holiday!

    Peace, Love and Ammo!!
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    Been there before, although it has been over 30 years ago. Guess boys never change. Have a merry and joyous Christmas, and keep those stitches dry!
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    have a merry christmas
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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    Have a merry and joyous Christmas, and keep those stitches dry!
    I guess I should have said that they glued his forehead with medical super glue, Dermabond I think is the right terminology.

    And Thank You for the warm wishes.
    "Without fear there can be no Courage!"

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    Archer51, I can vouch for you statement about boys not changing. With half the stunts I pulled, it's purely by the grace of God I am still alive.

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    no, no, no, Not Super Glue for boys! You have to have a Battle scar to show everyone with the thread sticking out.

    Well that's what I had on my forehead two places and on the chin twice.

    Yeah I was a rough and tumble kid when I was little. LOL.

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    I do believe I've spent one Christmas in Braggs ER. Good times.
    "Just blame Sixto"

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    @ Wits' End

    Been there and done that...over and over and over again.

    Every time we would come home from vacation, friends and family would ask, "So, who got stitches this time?"

    Heads, chins, legs, feet, name it, it seems one of our 3 boys would cut it, bust it, land on it, run into something with it...and off we go. We went so many times, we would just show up and tell them we were headed to get the xylocaine, needle and thread and we'll see you next time. We would take the stitches out ourselves.

    Then there was the year we had a 5-month old, Mrs. MiklColt was going into gall bladder surgery on Monday. While camping the weekend before, we went putt-putt golfing with 10-year-old son, 7-year-old son, 5 year-old son and the baby. 5-year-old hits mom JUST above the eye with the putter. Blood everywhere. I'm ready to get on my hands and knees and look for the eyeball, which I'm sure must be rolling around on the ground somewhere with all the blood.

    ER. Stitches. They took those out while she was still in the hospital following surgery.

    Welcome to parenting 102.

    This is the stuff you will talk about and laugh about for years to come.
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    We almost went Christmas eve, my daughter has been running a 101-104 fever, my wife is getting a bit wound up from lack of sleep. The antibiotics and Advil are starting to work and her temperature is hovering around 99-101 now. Sent the wife to bed with orders to sleep. We are flying to Malaysia on Sunday, a 24hr flight with a sick kid will not be fun.

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    The good times raising a family! It goes by so fast as you are working so hard to provide for them,best years of my life.My wife was the one that always got hurt as she was such a trusting soul.

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    WAMC is a great facility. It seems that your boy's wound was fairly serious, otherwise you would've been there a lot longer that 1 1/2 hours, especially with a full house in the ER...

    I'm glad that he's all patched up and doing ok. He's learning the meaning of "growing pains..."
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