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Thread: Sad State of Affairs

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    The first thing they can do to become more competitive is go into bankruptcy court and file chapter 11 like every other business has to do; this will negate the unrealistic contracts the unions have foisted on the companies and force them back to the table to negotiate a reasonable competitive rate for labor and benefits. then they can start fixing the rest of whats wrong....
    It's not that American-made is or isn't good, really. It's that anything made "hostage," uncompetitive rates by an entire industry acting like it need not be globally competitive can't work in the long run. Well, welcome to the long run (today). From the perspective of union constriction of business practices for the past 60yrs, it's time to pay the piper. And, no Big Three Bailout Czar need be appointed. The bankruptcy court judge in the current setup will work just fine, as with any other business seeking reorganization under crushing conditions. This is exactly what should happen, I agree.
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