My wifes present.... bullets

My wifes present.... bullets

This is a discussion on My wifes present.... bullets within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; So ive been meaning to share my x-mas story with you guys for a good while. This year it was a bit hard shopping for ...

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Thread: My wifes present.... bullets

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    My wifes present.... bullets

    So ive been meaning to share my x-mas story with you guys for a good while. This year it was a bit hard shopping for the wife. Usually I end up doing something for her car. Because of this the few things I have left are some nice 16-18” wheels and a autostart which will be her next gift as I cant afford wheels. So after doing some research I decided on going with less of a big gift and just grab a ton o small presents.

    Now I am completely bad at wrapping presents. Its just something I have never improved on. I can tear a walter p22 that has been messed up with the locking system apart and put it back together in working order without ever taking one down before in under a hour and a half. BUT I CANT WRAP A PRESENT!! =-/

    In my desperation to find a box to wrap a gift certificate I got for a massage I found one of my boxes of spent blazer .40 cal brass, slipped it under the brass holder and wrapped it up. Well that was the Sunday before Christmas.

    The Tuesday before Christmas my wife came to me with a angry look on her face. I had happened to be good that day so I had no clue what she was stinkeying me for. After a moment of silence she told me that I better just unwrap it now shes not going to use the bullets I got her.

    I of corse looked offended and just told her that I did not know what she was talking about. She told me shes not dumb and I just told her to stop shaking her Christmas presents.

    Wensday we had the same conversation, she then told me that I had just better take them now and she was not too thrilled that I think she needs bullets. She is not anti gun or anything she basicly surprised me when she told me it was ok to buy a Rem 870

    So anywhays cristmas comes around and we exchange gifts before we go over to my sisters. I give the gift a little shake and tell her she already knows what it is so ill just not give it to her. She was ok with it by this time she has the mindset it is bullets.

    About ready to leave I bring it to her and tell her to open it
    “No I told you already I don’t want any damn bullets”
    “Open it”
    To which she does takes the wrapper off reveling the box of blazer
    “Its bullets I told you I don’t want no bullets”
    “Open it”
    She opens the box and pulls out the case holder with a awful look on her face and just stares at me
    “Look in the damn box”



    "I really thought you got me bullets, your not funny"

    Then I got a hug thought it was a funny story to share

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    That is funny!
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    Hahaha. I'm gonna have to use that one in the future.

    Would have been cool if she handn't recognized the box and then opened it and said something like "Yay! did you know I secretly have always wanted to go shooting again!?...Where's the gun to go with them?" Probably hoping for too much there though.

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    I guess I'm strange but I think ammo is a good gift. And yes I'm female.

    If I own a weapon of that caliber, range trip. If not good excuse to buy one to fit the ammo. Win, win in my book.

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    Boss got me a box of 100 .45 ACP, it was a hit!
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    thats an awesome idea, im going to need to remember to use that one next year...

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    What's wrong with bullets? My brother got my wife 1000 9mm bullets for reloading and he got me 1000 .40 cal. It was funny when my sister in law asked me to bring in the presents because she couldn't lift them up.

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    Did you get on her for peeking?

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