MS-13 continued

MS-13 continued

This is a discussion on MS-13 continued within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; MODs, let me start off by saying I couldn't figure out where to put this. Here it is folks, MS-13 strikes in my area...apparently they ...

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Thread: MS-13 continued

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    Angry MS-13 continued

    MODs, let me start off by saying I couldn't figure out where to put this.

    Here it is folks, MS-13 strikes in my area...apparently they like to get to know you before they assault you.

    Abduction fits pattern of gang, Beach police say
    By DUANE BOURNE, The Virginian-Pilot
    © January 21, 2006

    VIRGINIA BEACH — A woman who police believe was sexually assaulted and kidnapped from her Virginia Beach home, then forced to drive with her captors to Florida, was the live-in girlfriend of one of the men accused of the crime.

    That fact – that the woman is not a stranger to the men accused of abducting her – is typical of how the deadly, machete-wielding MS-13 gang operates, detectives said Friday.

    At least two of the men accused of abducting the Virginia Beach woman claim to be members of MS-13, according to a police affidavit filed in Florida, where the woman was rescued Tuesday.

    “They don’t go after the average citizen,” Randy Crank, president of the Virginia Gang Investigators Association, said of MS-13 members. “They are usually violent against other gangs, informants and people who go against them, mostly as retaliation.”

    Crank said investigators began tracking MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha , from Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads two years ago. He said the gang does not have a strong presence here.

    Even so, Virginia Beach is no stranger to gang activity.

    Virginia Beach Detective Roger Frederick told civic leaders last week that graffiti bearing the markings of gangs such as the Latin Kings, Crips, Bloods, Folk Nation and Gangster Disciples have shown up in Virginia Beach, notably in the College Park section.

    The graffiti also have been seen in restroom stalls at middle schools and high schools, where gangs sometimes mark their territory.

    Frederick said police have interviewed a small group of MS-13 members, who have distinctive tattoos and wear powder blue clothing. During misdemeanor offenses for public intoxication, he said, police have confiscated several machetes that were tucked into waistbands, and semiautomatic weapons.

    News of the woman’s abduction broke Thursday night.

    The 45-year-old woman was taken from her home at knifepoint Monday, then forced to drive with four men to a motel in West Palm Beach, Fla., where she managed to escape Tuesday morning.

    Two men – brothers Jose Calles, 17, and Victor Calles, 23 – were arrested Tuesday in West Palm Beach. According to a police affidavit, Victor Calles was the victim’s live-in boyfriend.

    According to West Palm Beach police, the woman got in the way of a plan to make quick cash.

    Lt. Charles Reed of the criminal investigations division said the suspects had rummaged through the victim’s home in Virginia Beach, stealing jewelry and other valuables because they wanted money to get out of the city.

    Inside her home, the woman was sexually attacked and forced into her car, a police report stated. Virginia Beach police are not releasing any details of the crime, but they confirmed that detectives here have interviewed the woman.

    The suspects drove more than 900 miles to a motel in Florida, where they rented a room Monday night, police said. According to Reed, the Calles brothers have an aunt who lives in the West Palm Beach area.

    By the next morning, the suspects had let their guard down and were asleep. Around 8 a.m., the woman heard two men in the parking lot and waited for the right moment before she unlocked the door and bolted from the room, police said.

    The woman ran toward the manager’s office and yelled for him to call 911. As the manager buzzed open the door, the Calles brothers grabbed the woman by her neck and tried to drag her away, but the woman held onto a guardrail, Reed said.

    Police said they caught the Calles brothers in the parking lot and charged them with false imprisonment.

    Police said two other men – Javier Santos and Joel Muratti-Hani – drove away in the woman’s car. They planned to travel to California but were stopped Wednesday by a sheriff’s deputy in Iberville Parish, La., for improperly changing lanes.

    The FBI has charged all four men with kidnapping. On Friday, the Virginia Beach commonwealth’s attorney was reviewing the case to determine what charges will be filed in Virginia Beach.

    The incident could be the first reported in Hampton Roads involving MS-13.

    Last year, according to state and federal gang experts, an FBI informant said the gang’s leadership had issued an edict for its members to kill anyone wearing a badge in Hampton Roads. The order came after a March 2005 shooting at Knickerbocker’s, a nightclub near Wards Corner, where an MS-13 member was wounded.

    However, no violent activity has been linked to MS-13 in Hampton Roads since the Virginia Gang Investigators Association began tracking the gang, Crank said.

    Virginia Beach resident Alicia Fernandez-Bobulinski, a member of the Virginia Latino Advisory Commission, wasn’t surprised to hear that the suspects claim to be gang members.

    She said the city is in denial about gang activity.

    “Virginia Beach tends to be a city that wants to pretend that everything is OK and that we’re above having anything like that here,” she said. “If we don’t talk about it openly, how can our children know the danger signs?”

    According to Crank, MS-13 has moved back and forth between Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads to avoid detection by law enforcement.

    “Are they actively recruiting here? It’s hard to tell,” he said.
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    It smells fishy ..... I don't know why...
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    an FBI informant said the gang?s leadership had issued an edict for its members to kill anyone wearing a badge
    That much tho I have heard before - even cops who take these guys down are very much at risk.
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    There's also rumor that they have been hired by Mexican alien smugglers to kill Border Patrol officers. Pray for the Minutemen too!
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    Its not a rumor its true. The goverment makes it seem like its a rumor. Just like the drug smugglers that were assisted by the Mexican Military.

    Its getting out of hand. It got out of hand way to long ago. When it comes to gang members I hate to say there should be a shoot and ask questions later policy. This would reduce the numbers of people joining up plus it would take some pretty nasty people off the streets.

    All for under $0.50 a round! Compared to booking someone for life in prison thats a freaking money saver too!

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