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Avoid a company called Instant Tax Service

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Thread: Avoid a company called Instant Tax Service

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    Sorry about your delima, but that is the way they make their living. If you had read all the information given to you in the very long RAL application you should have been aware that there was no guarrantee of getting the loan you applied for.

    Most of the places that are open for 3 months during the year to do taxes don't do a very good service in my opinion, this includes H&R, J H, and other big names. Most don't know the law, and are basically out there to charge pretty high fees to people that think they want or need their money quick.

    I have been in the business for a little over 15 years now and try my best to keep people from doing the RAL's. Out of 7 to 800 returns that I do personally a year, I might have 10 or 12 that do RAL's and that is because they wouldn't let me talk them out of it. I even go so far as to let some people come and pay me after they get their refund. I have been burned a couple of times, but that is the risk I took.

    Again, sorry for your situtaion, but sad to say there are millions for folks out there that regularly put themselves in the situation you did.
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    Being a business owner the wife and I decided a long time ago to find a good CPA to do our taxes. First guy (owner of the business) was great, then he retired due to illness/old age. The guy that took over was awful. The year he took over we paid every year where we were getting refunds with the owner. Switched to another CPA and what do you know. We now get a refund. She does the books each month and our taxes at the end of the year.


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    I've had good luck with the local H&R Block, so I will continue to go there. I don't think I'm capable, anymore, of getting my taxes right, if I do them myself. Granted I've never used tax software, but often I'm not sure even what the questions are asking about. I tend to overthink and overworry, and I *don't* want to get in hot water with the IRS. I'd rather have H&RB guarantee to go with me to the IRS and pay the fee if there's a problem.
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    Very easy to use TurboTax. You can do one return for free online, but I do 3 or 4 and so I purchase the software yearly. Even when my wife was an LLC and consultant it was not hard. All the work is done by collecting the information to give to the tax guy, filling in the blanks is easy using TurboTax. And you can import last years info which takes care off all the personal info and carry-overs.
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    H&R Block has offices that are open year round, but not every office is open like that. When you get the business card of the tax preparer, it should have the year round office address and phone number. H&R Block offers assistance with tax audits or letters, and with the Peace of Mind program even offers Enrolled Agent representation during an audit, as well as up to $5000 of additional taxes if the IRS says you owe more tax and it was the fault of Block.

    H&R Block REQUIRES annual training on tax issues for the returning tax preparers. In the past 16 months, I completed over 280 hours of certification training as a tax preparer with H&R Block. Most don't do quite that much in the same time frame, but the point is that no H&R Block tax preparer works on your return without first completing many hours of training and passing certification exams. Anyone can make a mistake, but block does have guarantees and they stand behind their service. If you have a problem, talk to the office manager or the district manager, they want to keep your business.

    Refund Anticipation Loans are offered as a convenience for the client, and the bank is the entity that determines whether the loan is offered. The tax preparer just enters the information and submits it to the bank for the determination. Yes, the cost of those loans is very high. The people that get them are desperate for that money, and can not get it any other way. If the tax preparer can help the client by submitting the loan application the client feels better service has been rendered. No one forces the client to apply for the RAL products.

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    H&R Block screwed my grandparents out of nearly 300 acres in the Adirondacks when they screwed up a tax return so bad it forced my grandparents to sell the land.

    When the screwup was fixed, the land was already sold... No getting it back, and nothing from H&R rippoffs... I refuse to use them, I don't care how good they may now be.

    I use Turbo Tax...

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