Glad we're in America!

Glad we're in America!

This is a discussion on Glad we're in America! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just goes to show matter how bad we think everything is starting to look here...America is still the best country on earth. This is ...

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Thread: Glad we're in America!

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    Unhappy Glad we're in America!

    Just goes to show matter how bad we think everything is starting to look here...America is still the best country on earth. This is something that would have been figured out right away and fixed within a few days here with a short course of antibiotics. Now this chick is fighting to stay alive because the doctors in brazil misdiagnosed it as kidney stones and sent her home.

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    We live in the greatest country God gave man. But, man is fallible even doctors. This has happened to two people I know one guy died from the mis-diagnosis the other a mother of two lost limbs similar to this story. Medicine is a tough field I think no matter where you live.
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    That IS sad. BBQ is right - medicine is still as much art as science, and things get missed.

    Well, she can still be a journalist... if she lives. Hope she uses her calamity to be a better writer and reporter. She would have a unique perspective.
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