Losing Faith In Politics?

Losing Faith In Politics?

This is a discussion on Losing Faith In Politics? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just wondering if anyone else is not too excited about politics anymore? I used to be a hard core political type. But after the last ...

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Thread: Losing Faith In Politics?

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    Question Losing Faith In Politics?

    Just wondering if anyone else is not too excited about politics anymore?
    I used to be a hard core political type. But after the last election, I thought to myself "Is the best they have to offer us"?

    I mean I vote pro gun exclusively among a few other views I am a huge proponent for. But I just feel we are losing out with both sides of the political fence.

    I sure hope we get some better folks to run for state, and federal government in '08

    Anyone else?

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    new was intersted in it .. All the arguements that come from it among frieds and family ..

    Ya know i can handle soemone that comes right out and says there full of crap but the people in politics like to hide it

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    I lost faith years ago when part of my job was helping protect them. I found they all lie and twist the truth. These days it seems that instead of voting FOR someone, you are voting AGAINST someone.

    I often wish I could find someplace to go where there was a honest working political system....... But so far ours is still best to spite the faults.

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    Yep - there is some feeling of disillusionment and with that a sense of choosing between two devils - which has the shorter tail

    Much could be worse but much could be better too. I have become very cynical with Gov's over time - much as anything because altruism seems very lacking - more, there is the impression that power is the target for individuals - sometimes sought by far from honorable means.

    I dearly wish for honesty but sadly that so often seems lost amongst deceptions, misinformations, disinformations - the feeling of trust is sometimes near non-existent.

    Add to this re trust - there is far too much perceived lack of trust given out by Gov toward ''the people'' - and that by default tends to reduce the trust in return. There is an uneasy cohabitation these days between ''us'' and ''them'' - well at least for non-sheep!

    What we need are statesmen - not politicians. People who have genuine best interests at heart - and who want not self agrandizement but have a genuine wish to further the cause for fairness and balance. Pie in sky - I know!

    Whatever happened to ''government by the people, for the people''.

    These days - somethings goes belly up - cover it up!!! Can't have embarrassment ya know!
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