10 Months and 12 Days later…

10 Months and 12 Days later…

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Thread: 10 Months and 12 Days later…

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    10 Months and 12 Days later…

    After searching for 10 months and 12 days I think I might have finally found a job. Last March I was forced to quit my job with a major seed company when I could not offer the level of undeserved respect that a newly hired Army Colonel that was used to dealing with recruits felt he deserved in civilian life. Maybe I caused my job loss or maybe it was just time to move on, whichever it has been a long year.

    My wife was forced by her work ethic to leave her position as a 911 Communications Specialist when she experienced a loss of hearing and was having difficulties hearing the callers and did not want to send much needed help to the wrong address. Her center was not willing to work with her to help her find a position where she would not have to depend on being able to hear and understand emergency callers. This happened in July of last year. She has still not been able to find any work. She holds a Masters in Business Administration. Her degree is more of a hindrance to her finding work because when she applies for the lower paying jobs they won’t even consider her because they feel she is over qualified. When she applies for the jobs in her field they say she lacks experience.

    On the other hand I hold a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology and Computer Systems, so just what is my new job? I’m glad you asked! I am going back to driving a truck! After returning to school and earning my degree I discovered that companies do not want to hire 50 year old computer geeks, it is a kid’s business.

    You may be wondering why I am writing this… well I am writing to let everyone know that if you have a job, even if you hate it, don’t leave unless you know for certain that you have something else to turn to. Our credit is shot, we may lose our home and cars and I don’t know if this job will be enough to save us. Neither my wife nor I could get unemployment so we have been living on savings and we both had to cash in our 401K.

    It is my dream to earn enough on this job that I will be able to afford a box of WWB 9mm so I can go take out some of my frustrations at the range. But alas there are obligations to be met before that can happen. Thanks for letting me rant.
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    There is always a reason for everything. Who knows, this may be the best thing that happened to you and your family. Just give it a 100% and apply your work ethics. It seems that you know your priorities. Congratulations on the new job and hope your wife finds one soon. Enjoy the freedom of the roads...
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    I certainly hope that the job works out for you. I know how you feel, as I had a year like that in 2007. I lost a job in January because there were some women in the company that have it in for guns. At least that's what I believe that the reason was, as they really didn't give me a good reason (when I appealed a decision not to give me unemployment benefits because I was fired, after the hearing, the hearing officer said that she had no idea why I was fired). A week after that. I developed a serious medical problem that caused me to be hospitalized 3 times in 3 months. When I finally found work, it was the middle of November. My wife is on disability retirement, and has 4 rental houses that also provide income. We had kept our finances separate, which turned out to be a good thing. She did help me quite a bit, but I did end up losing a house (fortunately, my wife bought the house that we live in, and paid cash for it- the house that I lost was the one that I lived in prior to moving to California with her. We lived there for a year after coming back to Vegas, then my wife bought this one. It was vacant, because I let someone use the house that my wife knew, and they caused about $20K worth of damage, and I didn't have that to be able to rent it. Talk about no good deed goes unpunished!). Now, I'm back to 2007, because I was laid off as of January 1 due to a loss of business at my clinic. Fortunately, I have few bills now, and I had a contract calling for 60 days notice. So I've already received 2 months salary. And I'll have a week's severance pay coming. There hasn't been much available in my areas of practice. I don't do Neurology, or orthopedics, mainly Urgent Care and Family Practice. So, I'm looking too. So. best of luck, Scrvoy!

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    I feel for you, it tough out there now for jobs. I son Graduated last May with a MBA in Finance and he can't find a job and like your wife I think the Masters is hurting him.

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    I feel for you. Hope this job possibility works out for you, and you can get back on your feet.

    When I was still married, both my husband and I were laid off for a year, and 8 months of that year overlapped! It's a good thing we had both saved for retirement. It kept us from losing our house.

    NEVER leave a job unless you have another one to go to. and
    ALWAYS safe money. You never know what the future brings.
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