Record Cold for Idaho Falls on 1/27

Record Cold for Idaho Falls on 1/27

This is a discussion on Record Cold for Idaho Falls on 1/27 within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This morning we beat a coldness record from 1957 at that time it was -14 on 1/27/57. Today 1/27/09, it was -24 beating the record ...

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Thread: Record Cold for Idaho Falls on 1/27

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    Record Cold for Idaho Falls on 1/27

    This morning we beat a coldness record from 1957 at that time it was -14 on 1/27/57. Today 1/27/09, it was -24 beating the record by 10*. It is so cold we have ice on the inside of our windows. My friends want to go shooting tomorrow at an outdoor range. I think I'll have to say NO! this time.
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    So much for Global Warming! But wait, we need more emission controls!!
    Trying to leave as large a carbon footprint as possible.
    Shivering in the "heat"
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    As concerned Americans we should be proud of our Al Gore he has saved the world from its self in just a few short years from certain disaster.

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    Brr, I know the feeling, Global Warming has left Michigan too.
    In the past 4 weeks we have had temps ranging 5-10 degrees lower than normal.
    And even my "globes" have been cold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrioticRick View Post
    Today 1/27/09, it was -24 beating the record by 10*.
    You could head down to the DeHaan shotgun shop and check out the new stock. That'll warm things up, a bit. Just don't get stuck to the barrels. Watch those fingers!

    Brrr, -24*F is cold. Be happy that you weren't out at 4am. Apparently, it was -29*. Am just west of you, in Portland. Got to +25* last night but is now only 30*. I once experienced -15* in Chicago and I thought that was a bit nippy. At -24*, pray the wind doesn't kick up. My condolences.
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    It got down to +59 here last night and I had to sleep under the covers,I hate cold weather LOL
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    Dear Mr. Gore,

    Thank you for all of your concerted, and apparently successful, efforts to combat global warming. In just a few years you have taken a myth, made it a panic, and have apparently defeated it. I assume that you must have defeated it because as I type this letter to you, my fingernails are blue, my teeth are chattering, and there is an icicle hanging from my nose. I think my left eye has just frozen solid as well.

    I am writing to you now, in the midst of our second consecutive record cold winter, to ask for your help in the next looming crisis. You see, my previously adequate house was apparently designed and insulated for global warming standards and not for global cooling. As the Great Father of the Internet and the Triumphant Conqueror of Global Warming, I have full faith that you have an exit strategy for after we would win against global warming and I hope you intend to implement it soon because I am freezing.

    Hopefully this exit strategy includes you paying for upgrading my home and heating system, since all of these war on global warming initiatives have left me broke. Also, if you could include a green house that will be great, as I suspect that we will start having food shortages due to the shorter growing season.

    I must close this letter now, since I apparently have frost bite because my pinky finger just fell off and I am beginning to feel my right eye starting to freeze. But I did want to congratulate you on your success, and I look forward to your reply and immediate action on this next looming crisis.


    I will support gun control when you can guarantee all guns are removed from this planet. That includes military and law enforcement. When you can accomplish that, then I will be the last person to lay down my gun. Then I will carry the weapon that replaces the gun.

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    I feel ya. We are having a cold snap here. I just went to lunch and its like 60 degrees outside. I allmost had to put a jacket on...

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    -8 here, thanks Al.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrioticRick View Post
    This morning we beat a coldness record from 1957 at that time it was -14 on 1/27/57. Today 1/27/09, it was -24 beating the record by 10*. It is so cold we have ice on the inside of our windows. My friends want to go shooting tomorrow at an outdoor range. I think I'll have to say NO! this time.

    I'm from Caldwell, it doesn't get that cold, but I know what you mean! Last week here in NoDak it was -34 on my way to class, that is a whole new degree of miserable!
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    Is there some invisible fence keeping you guys in that miserable environment?
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    It has been in the single digits or negative here for about three weeks. The funny part is that I went outside today in just a fleece pull over and I didn't feel that cold. It was a balmy 18F out today. I felt like it was springtime.
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    Well it's 27 here but this is what I have been watching all day.

    Ice Storm!

    You can hear the limbs cracking, power lines and poles snapping and lots of little fires all over the city!

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    It actually got below freezing down here last week!

    Seriously, a lot of crops got damaged.

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    I was out in it this morning waiting for the bus at 5:30am to take me to Idaho's area 51.

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