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This is a discussion on working at a gun store within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I worked a hunting counter at a locally owned store part time for a year and it was fun. Not all of the time, but ...

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Thread: working at a gun store

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    I worked a hunting counter at a locally owned store part time for a year and it was fun. Not all of the time, but it definitely had it's moments. Yes, you really will have to resist the urge to spend your entire paycheck on guns (I have no willpower when it comes to clean S&W revolvers). I got in just by applying at the right time (they had an opening). I was quizzed about my knowledge of guns and hunting and the manager was impressed enough to hire me. I suspect it's the same way at most places.
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    IIRC, both LimaTunes and TN_Mike have worked at shops/ranges. They might provide insights into the process, as well as the pros/cons/risks.
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    Most gun shops could use an infusion of better qualified and knowledgeable employees. Go for it. Good luck.

    Also CLASS3NH was a great gun shop employee.
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    Gun store customers do often ask a lot of questions, fondle the merchandise endlessly, and hang out for hours. Gee, are there any of us here that doesn't do this?

    It's the paperwork that is the big pain for anyone working in a gun shop. There is no quick or easy way to do it properly, and if it isn't done properly, you will either be unemployed or in prison. If you are not detail oriented and very thorough, seek fame and fortune elsewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcon View Post
    really? why is that?
    I have a feeling it is the same as when I used to play golf and thought it would be great to work in a golf shop.

    I got to rarely play golf anymore but I did get to substitute playing for hearing about others playing these great courses, and then there are the duffers that would come in to throw equipment at their poor form and lack of skill.

    I have a feeling gun store employees get the same crowd, and you just have to smile because if you call B.S. then you loose a customer.

    Now a gun club (range) might be cool.
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    I was a freelance photographer in the 80's and 90's, working for a variety of magazines and ad agencies, doing the odd wedding, and a lot of fashion stuff... then, the "glamour photography" craze hit, and I was up to my keester in seminude babes in lingerie and skimpy swimwear... sounds cool, huh...?

    It sucked. It seemed like I was always chasing people down for 200 bucks, and it really was a drag. A never-ending parade of coked-up strippers and vacuous Hooters girls, all terribly unreliable and predictably late to appointments... my male friends could not comprehend my constant singing the blues about having to deal with these trollops; they thought it was the coolest thing ever, and were always looking at my contact sheets and begging to come assist me.

    People used to say to me all the time, "Oh, you are a professional photographer...? I love photography, but I am just an amateur..."

    And I would tell them that "amateur" comes from the French, meaning "done for love"... I would love to be an amateur too, because nothing is fun when you HAVE to do it. Photography is a lot like sex; it's only fun for amateurs. You don't see a lot of old hookers giggling...

    It took me about 20 years to get sick of it, but I don't regret it... I learned a lot in that time, things I have brought to my current occupation. If you work in the gun biz for 5 or 10 years, you are bound to learn a lot, in spite of any negatives... go for it!
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