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This is a discussion on Glenn Beck within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; If you haven't checked out Glenn's new show on Foxnews, you should really give it a try. His interview with Blago was pretty funny and ...

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Thread: Glenn Beck

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    Glenn Beck

    If you haven't checked out Glenn's new show on Foxnews, you should really give it a try. His interview with Blago was pretty funny and straightforward. He certainly didn't pull any punches.

    YouTube - Glenn Beck vs. Rod Blagojevich Part #2
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    Glenn is AWESOME!!!!! Ive been a fan ever since I first saw him on CNN HeadLine News. Ever since then I try to watch or TIVO his show and really enjoy his radio show as well.

    He's also a proud gun owner and proponent of the 2nd Amendment

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    Glenn Beck. Good man.
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    Glenn has made me in the past want to take out the duck tape and tape up my head but I still keep listening to his radio show. Why? Because everything he says or predicts comes to fruition. So even though I might not want to hear what he is saying it's all true. I love his show, 2A stance and his no bull attitude.
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    I like Beck because he seems a bit more level-headed and down-to-Earth than the other folks he is supposed to compete with. He also has a lot of common sense and says his views with that common sense, rather than weird fear mongering we sometimes see.

    And I agree, his 2A views are very strong and extremely common sense. I love it.

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    I've never seen his TV show, but I listen to Glenn Beck on the radio whenever I have the chance. He's very good, and his ideas are right on. His book, "An Inconvenient Book", is great. has it for $17.16, and a discount site has it for only $13.72. Well worth reading.

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    yeah, I like him a lot. Listen to him in the morning if I get a chance.

    I tell you guys someone else you might like is Neal Boortz, talk show out of Atlanta, but broad-casted nation wide His book "Somebody Has to Say It" is really good, I highly recommend it.
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    I like Beck. I have been listening to him on the radio for about 3 1/2 years now and I have enjoyed both of his TV shows. I know Glenn is a gun owners

    I am also a Neal Boortz fan.

    Heck, I like listening to Michael Savage too. He's really good when he gets real spun up. He will call a moron a moron. Savage is a real big Sig Sauer fan. He owns several and shoots them often. I liked his book, "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder" and I am currently waiting on my copy of "Psychological Nudity" to arrive.
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    I like Beck.
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    I listen to Glen Beck on KTAR radio here in Phx. I still like to hear what he has to say. But part pf me wonders why he sold out and went to Fox News. I think they are a joke!!!

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    i like beck. his radio show is great. at work and can not see the tv show on fox. recorded the first one, but have that it.
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    The problem with Glenn Beck and many others who espouse "common sense" solutions to problems is that one person's common sense is another person's lunacy.

    We live in a very complicated world. Our nation has extremely detailed and complicated laws and regulations governing almost every aspect of everything. (Just think of the gun laws in your own state.) Problems don't always have simple common sense solutions because they occur against the backdrop of the reality of our complex world. And what benefits one person may harm ten others.

    So, while I personally like the guy, I think a great deal of what he has to say is mostly well intentioned, but not very real - "worldish." Complex problems don't have simple solutions!! And proposed simple solutions are almost always going to be wrong.

    There is an old saying, for every difficult problem there is an easy solution which is usually wrong.

    (This is why almost all the talking heads, and many of the politicos who posture on TV, from all sides of the political spectrum, are full of it. They either play obstructionist or they put forth ideas which are weak on substance and full of unintended consequences.)

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    Will be interesting to see how Beck and O'Reilly duke it out...reality zone vs the no spin zone...


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    I watched him when he was on CNN. The true sense of a politician's
    job is to work for us. If they put self-interest in the back seat and work what is truly great for our country, then they are doing there jobs.

    Making laws will make half the people happy while others are going to be piss. But to do things or pass laws to help them achieve personal wealth or status is just wrong. And that is what Glenn isdriving home.
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    Beck's pretty good. I like that he often addresses things not many others seem to be talking about. I started reading "Inconvenient Truth" and then flipping to the back for sources of the things he was claiming - nothing. The book was pretty useless w/o sources and stopped reading it.

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