Any Indian blood here at DC

Any Indian blood here at DC

This is a discussion on Any Indian blood here at DC within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Why I ask is, my father was born in Canada in 1927 on a reservation In Lac St Jean. He was born of French parents ...

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Thread: Any Indian blood here at DC

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    Any Indian blood here at DC

    Why I ask is, my father was born in Canada in 1927 on a reservation In Lac St Jean. He was born of French parents and adopted by the Indians as a baby. The reservation name is Mastuiash, it means gathering place.
    The tribe is Montagnais pronounce mon-ton-nay and means mountaineers. [Like there is a mountain in Canada but I digress]. The stories he told of growing up would make people of the Great Depression seem wealthy. As a boy he, his mother and father would travel up the Chabugamu [sp] River into Chabugamu country where my grandfathers hunting and trapping grounds were. The land is still ours by the way. The traveling wasn't easy as they used a canoe and there were many portages alone the way. At the portages my grandfather would carry the canoe, bag of flour and small pot bellied stove overland till they got to the next spot where they could get back in the canoe. The stove and flour were loaded into the front and back of the canoe to balance the load. They would stay for the winter and come back down stream to sell the furs from the trap line in the spring.
    This is only a bit of his story and I am wondering if anyone else had any interesting stories of Indians in their families, I would like to here them...
    And yes they believe in spirits and sorcerers back then in Canada.
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    my grandpa (mom's dad) was full cherokee. But mom doesn't know much. He died young, when she was an infant back in 1938.
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    My wife is 1/2 french canadian 1/2 cherokee
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    1/8th Cherokee.

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    1/4 Apache, 1/16 Cherokee.

    I don't have any stories from the Cherokee side, but my Apache ancestors had fled into Mexico to escape the persecutions and reservations. At one point, I had a great grandfather (to what degree I don't know) and his 2 brothers who were essentially in organized crime and controlled a large portion of mexico. I had a great great uncle who rode with Pancho Villa when he invade the U.S. We have a picture of my Great Grandmother standing in front of her hut around the turn of the century. She had a reputation for being a vicious fighter and be very deadly with a blade, and at least one time had killed a man who was "overstaying his welcome". And my dear Grandmother, tiny little woman that she was, reroofed her house at the age of 73. She was a dear sweetheart, and I loved her very much, but I can't think of a time where I would have dared to cross her.
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    My mother's mother was supposedly full-blooded Blackfoot (the southern Blackfoot not the northern tribe - Sioux derivative I think). There is a lack of adequate documentation to prove it. It would make me 1/4 Native American if it could be proven.
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    Great, Great, Great Grandmother was Chickahominy.
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    My wife is 1/4 Cherokee and it shows when I tick her off.
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    Just enough to make me lactose intolerant, about 1/16. I need to ask my mom what tribe, as I just cannot remember.

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    1/16 Cherokee. Supposedly I had an Aunt that did a family tree. Seems in addition to several horse thieves and scoundrals, that Davy Crockett is my seventh great grandfather. Maybe Davy was doing more than just shootin the Injuns. Anyway, have never seen anything in writing that backs up what Ive just said.
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    OK, guys, the OP asked if anyone here can claim Native American ancestry.

    Seven replies that did not address the topic have been deleted. If yours is missing, I'm sure you can figure out why.

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    I'm part Algonquin on my mother's side and part Abenaki on my father's side.
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    My wife is 1/16 Cherokee. Living in Oklahoma everyone has some Native blood. Well, everyone but me. I have none. But, the Pow-Wows and other events that kick off around here in the summer are sure tons of fun.
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    6.25% Inca.
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    I'm Columbian, so I have a mix of Indian blood in me. From what I understand, Colombian Indians are not exactly 1 type of Indian (Mayan, Aztec or Incan).
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