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You are right there probably won't be thousands, and that is my real question. Why won't there be? I live in a medium sized city in a metropolitan area (Fort Worth, TX). There are hundreds of thousands of firearm enthusiasts within a 25 mile radius. If my DA decided to presecute someone there would be plenty of people who could come to their aid, but we wouldn't do it. I think there are two reasons; one, we don't hear about the aftermath; two, no organization.
How will most folks know if the shoot was righteous or not?
Unless you know the person, trust his side of the story (and it is still his side-someone else has another, accurate or not), it is what you read in the newspaper, or hear on some tv editorial.

I read what the newspaper wrote about an incident where I live last week. Tons of information, some of it was even accurate. But, not all of it. I know because I have confidential information based on the ongoing legal investigation. What the paper reported is wrong enough, that people could, and probably will, form wrong conclusions. The same with a shoot by someone they don't personally know.

You know this person. We don't. Trust him? The story in the paper? How do we make that decision? And, of course, worst of all, do the citizens on the jury trust what the prosecuting attorney tells as 'the truth,' or what the defense attorney tells as 'the truth?'