Ammo shortage rumors

Ammo shortage rumors

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Thread: Ammo shortage rumors

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    Question Ammo shortage rumors

    I just started a second part time job at a local family owned outdoors/fishing/gun store here in North Florida.

    Since I work in the industry now I get to see a little more of how some things work. I also get first hand experience in hearing the rumors and truths about ammunition supplies in the US.

    While the store I work at does have ammo in almost all calibers it is all in small amounts for the most part. We have ammo from .32 to .45Long Colt. The only common ammo we cant seem to find is .380 auto. My boss says all of his sources are completely out of .380 .

    Why would .380 be so scarce?

    Why does any of the common ammo seem to be so hard to get? Are the manufacturers working overtime to keep up? What gives?

    Here are some things I am seeing and hearing and I would like all input and would also like to hear from any of you that are also retailers or work for retailers of guns and ammo.

    - There is no ammo

    This is definitely a lie. There is ammo. We get shipments every week.

    - Ammo is hard to find.
    There is some truth to this. Some ammo is harder to find than others.

    - The ammo manufacturers aren't making ammo because of the credit crunch. They cant borrow the money needed for materials.

    I have no idea if this is true or not. It is something I was told by my employer and he says he was told this by his distributor.

    - The ammo manufacturers and distributors are holding ammo so the prices stay higher.
    Kind of like gas gouging?? I don't think I really believe this one.

    - Ammo is in short supply because of the wars.
    I dont believe this one at all. I saw some specs somewhere and it said that the US Military uses less ammo than civilians and police departments.few different calibers anyway and the ammo shortage seems to be affecting ALL calibers of ammo. The military only uses a few different calibers.

    - Ammo is hard to get because of the "ammo grabbers" stocking up and buying up more ammo than they need.

    Not sure what I think on this one. I know we have all kinds of ammo in stock at work. It is in smaller supplies but we have almost everything and no one is running into our doors buying it all up.

    - Wal-Mart is going to stop selling handgun ammo.

    I think there may be some truth to this as I have heard this from multiple sources for a while now.
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    I want to chime in on the Walmart part...Walmart is not going to do anything that is going to hurt Walmart's bottom line. Now who is their customer? It's, for the most part, working stiffs like most of us on this forum. The Hollywood ultra liberal crowd don't mean diddly squatt to the Walmart folk who could BUY Hollywood tomorrow morning, sell it for a loss tomorow afternoon and laugh about it tomorow night over cigars and cocktails. Now that being said they may stop selling ammo in selected markets where the demographics dictate a benefit, but stop selling across the board...I don't see it happening.

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    In the specific case of .380 my guess would be the popularity of the new pocket guns in that caliber. .380 was not a well supplied caliber and all of the sudden people are buying it like crazy. Manufacturers may have failed to keep up with demand.

    The was has had an influence on the ammo prices indeed. Not the only one responsible but part of the issue. Plus overseas buyers of metals have taken a lot of it off the market. Add to that people hoarding ammo because of the new administration and you have a good reason for the scarcity. My first 1K rounds of 7.62x39 were $89 and now they are about to hit $300 per 1K. I am hurting here people!
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    i have found it is hard to find 380 acp ammo. and when you find it they want high $$ for it.
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    I too doubt Walmart would drop handgun ammo. They are a business that tries to make money. Considering the handgun is always selling out, why on earth would they want to drop it? If anything, they should obtain more...

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    thank you for your insight.
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