Proud of my son

Proud of my son

This is a discussion on Proud of my son within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I was at my son's house tonight and his sister-in-law was talking about how she didn't want to let her new husband bring a gun ...

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Thread: Proud of my son

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    Proud of my son

    I was at my son's house tonight and his sister-in-law was talking about how she didn't want to let her new husband bring a gun in the house and he had to either sell it or put a big safe in the garage and put the gun in it. As my mouth started to open, I was cut off by my son saying:
    "WTH good is that! If someone is breaking into your house and your husband has to run to the garage, unlock a safe, to get his gun, while you and your son are waiting as the bad guy enters and kills you! Ya that makes sense!"
    The look on her face was priceless.
    I was so proud! I didn't have to say a word. That's my boy!
    Later I told her, that there are smaller hand gun safes to keep guns away from kids and are easy for an adult to get into, that can be in the bedroom.
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    :teardrop: We raise them the best we can and hopefully some of it sticks. Good job with the boy.

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    Yeah, it a blessing when you see all those years of effort paying off!
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    A chip off the old block, good job on the common sense training of your son.
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    In the house, where it can be safely stored, and easily accessed by adults only is the proper place to store a firearm.
    Unless it's on your hip.
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    I think what you said about the small safe was a good compromise for them. Lets hope that they can stay married over this.

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    It's nice when You can sit back and smile and be proud.

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    I would have also pointed her to the cornered cat website and told her that even tho good people don't wish harm on anybody bad people live off of that false sense of security
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    Good job, good job!

    Sounds like he's got a lot of common sense, and she's clueless.

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    Well done, Dad!
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