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More Taxes?

This is a discussion on More Taxes? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I need to buy a bunch of stock in antacids like tums before I post stuff like this....

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Thread: More Taxes?

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    I need to buy a bunch of stock in antacids like tums before I post stuff like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    I need to buy a bunch of stock in antacids like tums before I post stuff like this.


    Who are you kidding stuff like this drives me straight to the zantac.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agentmel View Post
    Everyone will flame me for saying this, but:

    Roads can be paid for privately by only the people who use them as well. They do not have to be provided by the government. There are roads in the US that aren't run or paid for by government.

    But to answer your question about more taxes; yes, always. More more more more more more.

    Got a question? How are your groceries going to get to the store, or your bullets to Walmart, or whatever.

    Every consumer will pay for the roads if only the people who use them are going to pay for them. We all use roads whether we have a car or not.

    If the governement doesn't have some control over the roads, then who is going to repave the interstates or highways. I would be ok, since I have 2 four wheel drive vehicles, but ask somone who was around nearly 100 years ago what the roads were like. How often did people get stuck in their buggies.

    Next we could eliminate the taxes on telephones, and we could self pay for only the telephone circuits we use.
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    One problem I see---right now everyone that buys gas pays the tax as they go, the only way out is to give the gas retailer a bad check or something like that, but then still the retailer would have to pay the tax, but now if they charge a mileage fee, what will they do with the fair amount of dead-beats in the world that will drive, and then not have money to pay the assessed mileage fee.

    There is a reason uncle sam has employers with-hold taxes and does not just rely on the worker to send IRS money, because many can not manage their money, and would not have any left to send in, I can see the same thing happening here. Oh I know, the rest of us that manage to pay our bills will have to anti-up again for the others that can not manage their affairs.

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    Great! Sounds like they'll need a whole new bureaucracy just to keep tabs.

    BTW, they already collect taxes that are supposed to pay for roads and charge you by weight, in most states, because the more your vehicle weighs the more damage it does to roads. States are responsible for maintaining interstate highways. Toll roads are a bunch of horse manure, too. They are supposed to remove the toll, once the project is done. I have only seen that happen once in my entire life, when politicians were more honest.

    We're getting to the point of taxation without representation, which was the main cause for the Revolutionary War. You would think folks in Boston would realize this. The only people being represented today are fat cat politicians, lobbyists and people who bought homes they could not afford. Instead of spending the money on roads, like it was budgeted for, they are looking for marsh rats in San Francisco! How is it our interstate and road infrastructure, most of it being built in the '60s, was sufficient to support our general population until the early '90s and now we have grid lock traffic everywhere? Isn't it the governments' job to provide us with sufficient and new infrastructure? If so, they certainly have been dropping the ball for a long time.

    Ever notice that when the govt. cries about not having enough money, they threaten to cut only the essential services we need like, schools, police, firemen etc. and not the stupid wasteful stuff like expensive pointless trips, staying in 5 star hotels, doing environmental impact studies on marsh rats and buying condoms for the banana belt? These essentials are the things only an incompetent leader would ever consider cutting. It's their way of scaring you into coughing up more.

    How much of this crap are we going to sit idly by and take? They are supposed to be working for us, not punishing us.

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