Hypothetical Question

Hypothetical Question

This is a discussion on Hypothetical Question within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just a hypothetical question here.. what if the economy got so bad that you were forced into selling some of your guns in order to ...

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Thread: Hypothetical Question

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    Hypothetical Question

    Just a hypothetical question here.. what if the
    economy got so bad that you were forced into
    selling some of your guns in order to feed your
    family, pay the light bills etc..

    What gun would you sell first? and why?

    What gun would be the last to go? why?

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    In Delaware, East of the Mason Dixon Line.
    If things got that bad in the overall economy, the last thing I would do is surrender any of my means of self defense.
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    The first would probably be one of my AR's or AK's. They would not effect my ability to defend much, and would bring in a nice sum. The last would be my favorite 228 or 870.
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    One of my AR's
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    NONE! I want my "investments" to work for me. I'll take odd jobs or something to pay the bills.
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    I'd sell my G-23 as it is still new and would bring the most money..I'd still have quite a few opptions left in the safe for defense..
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    Probably my Sig 1911, then one of my shotguns. Would still have plenty of firepower available to me.

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    Been there, done that, never again. I have too many other options to even think about going there. Of course, that means that my safe is both too small and too empty, but that is a whole different topic, eh?

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    I have been forced to sell some very nice guns in order to pay medical bills for the kids, but in a crisis situation of the type you are talking about, every firearm and every round of ammunition is too valuable to trade away.

    Trade a gun for a months supply of food, and in a month you have no food and still don't have that gun. No matter how bad things may get, my family will have food, ever if it is 'long pig'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klaatu View Post
    Been there, done that,

    Quote Originally Posted by Klaatu View Post
    never again.
    I sure hope & pray.
    Μολὼν λαβέ

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    #1 would be one of my shotguns (I forgot the brand/model). Next to go would be my Beretta 92 FS, followed by my Springfield Armory Socom II (only because it's the most expensive, and it would leave me with my AR 15, my AK 47, and my Mossberg pistol grip shotgun). I would go next Glock 26. I would try to hold on to my G19, G30, and XD 45 in handguns, and remaining long guns. I would buy the Socom II back as soon as possible, along with any of the handguns except for the Beretta. While the 92FS is a good gun, I would probably go with another XD or Glock.

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