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This is a discussion on Quick Question.. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Does anybody know why you NEVER see a firearm commercial on TV or a billboard for Glock? Is it illegal or what?...

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    Quick Question..

    Does anybody know why you NEVER see a firearm commercial on TV or a billboard for Glock? Is it illegal or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmyglock View Post
    Does anybody know why you NEVER see a firearm commercial on TV or a billboard for Glock? Is it illegal or what?
    Legallity aside, I don't know about that, but from a business standpoint the target market (which is relatively small) is better served (from a return on advertising dollars perspective) by advertising in print media (magazines) that address the target market.
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    I think bbqgrill has it. They want a low profile. I lived perhaps a hundred meters from their site in Smyrna for a short while long ago. They did not even have a sign out front.

    On the other hand, there is a new car commercial out with a slo mo of a bullet shattering a pane of glass. Mostly CGI but not bad.

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    Why spend money on an unneeded item? Ask anybody what a Glock is, they'll tell you. Even a non shooter. Ask anybody who makes a good or even the best handguns, most will tell you Glock...even non shooters.
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    Saw a billboard in Las Vegas area for a local gun shop (Center of Mass). The owner holding an HD shotgun, pointing it towards something near the direction the board was being viewed from (not directly at the viewer, sort of "next to" them). Read a story of a women so offended, I think she tried to sue him over it. Said it was like he was pointing his shotgun at her and her kids every time she drove down Boulder Hwy. I wonder if she was worried about an ND?
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    Most mainstream media won't take firearm advertising. Heard that from NRA a few years ago. They've offered princely sums to get their message out but no sale.
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    Outdoor Channel has loads of gun commercials, at least when I watch the block of firearms-related shows on Wednesdays.


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