Rep. Jim Moran (8th Dist. Virginia)

Rep. Jim Moran (8th Dist. Virginia)

This is a discussion on Rep. Jim Moran (8th Dist. Virginia) within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Have you huys seen this vid? They way Morgan brushed him off after informing him of the moral of our troops. To all that live ...

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Thread: Rep. Jim Moran (8th Dist. Virginia)

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    Rep. Jim Moran (8th Dist. Virginia)

    Have you huys seen this vid? They way Morgan brushed him off after informing him of the moral of our troops. To all that live there, take note of this come election time.

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    He doesn't care. His district votes democrat period. Unless there is a strong democrat to challenge him, unlikely, he will be re-elected until he retires or dies.


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    Glad you posted that Bruce - yes indeed I hope it is seen by many and the content duly noted.
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    This was especially interesting to see as Sgt Seavey was an Infantry team leader in a sister platoon and served with me in AFGHANISTAN. He is a very intelligent and caring leader and as a Platoon leader I appreciated the times I got to work with him. As an RTO he was invaluable on many missions and he brought much of his civilian cereer to bear in his leadership of his fireteam. I too have the letter from our governor thanking us for our service in IRAQ and I was appalled when I received a copy of this news clipping in my account.

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    There is only one thing that Jim Moran takes care of, that is Jim Moran. Glad I am not in his district. I would have to move or consider suicide or worse. Just kidding, this clown is in a district that is like Ted Kennedy's only smaller. They are so far left they are not even on the scale.

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    Wasn't the other guy Murtha? They both looked like they were slapped with an oil-soaked 2x4.
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    We are the voters, it is we who decide if jokers like these stay in office....
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