OK, please don't think I'm promoting another site or forum, but I do get this writer's articles in my email regularly, and the content in it has helped me educate myself. That's the reason I joined DC.com; to educate myself. The USCCA is having a competition, that we're each to 'spread the word' (advertise for him) and if we get enough referrals, there's 6 different firearms-related prizes to be won.

I'm sure the people in this forum community know MANY more like-minded gun-folk than I do (I've got 6), and there's a great chance by posting this on here, my chances will be blown out of the water! But that's why I should stay out of trouble for posting this here, because I'm not worried about 'loosing my place', I just thought the information in it might be helpful to some people here on DC.com.

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