Am I weird?

Am I weird?

This is a discussion on Am I weird? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I live in between two air force bases and very close to the navy base. Everyday I come home from lunch I am fortunate to ...

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Thread: Am I weird?

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    Am I weird?

    I live in between two air force bases and very close to the navy base. Everyday I come home from lunch I am fortunate to have my own air show. As I am making my lunch I will hear 1 or 2 fighter jets fly over head. Usually FA-18 but today there was what looked like an F16 (single tail). Sometimes I'll catch a raptor going by. I stop what I am doing and go watch. I must be at the end of their training route because they pass my house by a few miles then bank and turn around. One usually chasing the other. I am absolutely intrigued by fighter jets. My all time favorites are the F-14 and the SR-71. A couple of weeks ago they had a tour of some old WW2 planes. They had a B-17, B-24, and a P-51 (two seater). You could fly on the P-51 for $2,200 for one half hour. I would've thoroughly enjoyed that. Anyway I love the fact that there are no commercial planes flying over our area, only the fast ones!

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    Am I weird?
    I don't think so.

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    No, you're not weird. I really like the A10 warthogs
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    Am I weird?
    I'd say yes, but don't take that to mean much, I spent 24 years in the AF doing aircraft maintenance and don't care if I ever see another one!

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    Nah, not weird at all. I came from a USAF family, and lived on Air Bases for many, many years. One of the bases I lived on was an F-16 training wing, so they were always overhead. Not so cool when they seemingly lit their afterburners over the base. You'd be yacking away with a buddy, then RRRROOOOAAAAARRRRRR.


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    Actually, I don't believe any of us know you well enough to answer your original question.

    As to your post, I, too, love to watch the air shows-formal, informal, I don't care. I live a couple of miles from a USAF base. Love to watch the touch and go's, lazy circles in the sky (from down here), and once, the Thunderbirds buzzing the highway I was driving over at what couldn't have been more than a few hundred feet.
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    I spent almost 5 years on an Aircraft Carrier...I'm sick of jets...the noise, the exhaust, the bumps and scars from trying to duck my way through the hangar, yeah, I would say your weird.
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    We grew up in Kansas during the Cold War...I grew up watching the birds from the Schilling AFB (Bomber Groups with SAC) in Salina conduct training out in the Kansas hinterlands.......Got to go aboard some of those when in the Boy Scouts!

    We lived in Wichita for several years - B1B and KC-135 Wings were stationed at McConnell AFB. We loved to watch those big monsters come in on landing patterns. Got to see several low-level B1B fly-overs! Awesome, and heart stopping! Got to go on-board both the 135's and the B1B's as a Boy Scout Leader. Awesome!

    We then moved close to Tinker AFB and got to watch the AWACS in and out. I loved to visit Altus and the Altus AFB (Air Mobility Wing) and watch the garbage haulers, as well as Vance AFB in Enid.

    Now we get to see the USAAFA sometimes, as well as Peterson AFB and Mountain Base (Ft. Carson) training.

    Also loved going to Ft. Sill, home of Army Artillery. Listening to artillery! Loved it!

    Weird, nah! More fun than commercial birds.
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    Probably but then you wouldn't be here if you wheren't
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    Nope, I've paid to see air shows and you are getting them free.
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    No you are not weird at all.

    I love to go to airshows myself.

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    I live near Luke AFB, I think its so cool when I see the jets training
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    I live next to the air base where the Stealth bombers are stored.

    What totally sucks is that when you hear one, you can't see it because it's already gone.`1

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    The question is not if you are weird, it is if you care!

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    That is the one thing I really miss about being out of the service, Fast Jets with afterburners and beleive it or not the smell of jet fuel being burned.
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