Photo Protection HELP!

Photo Protection HELP!

This is a discussion on Photo Protection HELP! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; As I was looking at “In The News the Good The Bad and The Ugly I saw a post where A pizza guy defended himself ...

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Thread: Photo Protection HELP!

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    Photo Protection HELP!

    As I was looking at “In The News the Good The Bad and The Ugly I saw a post where A pizza guy defended himself and killed his attacker. Some responded that the dead attacker had a MySpace account listed in the article. Now I think if someone was nosy, they could click the link to see his page. And they could see a picture on his page, and for some reason if they right clicked on it and it brought up the Context menu and then click on Properties, they might see the address to where the picture is stored. It could be stored on “Photobucket”. And if someone just copied the address and pasted to the url line and then just removed the last img address All the stored pictures could be seen. The part I need to know because I have a “Photobucket” account is, My account does this as well. I don’t really have anything to hide (as I am listing a picture so you can see how it can be done) but I prefer not to have all my pictures seen. Because I post on other places and realize some people may get the wrong idea if they did this for another pic and then saw all my Gun pics !! Some sheep may not be ready for my love of gun pics Or Fish pics Or Me pics. I now know some of the Photobucket users here have a way to not allow access to their Albums “Can Someone please tell me how to block access?” Thank you for your support.

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    WOW! You just gave me an education. I know my photbucket is set to private, but now I wonder if the way you described can be done irregardless.


    Ok I just tried it while I am logged out.

    I retrieved the following link from my post of items for sale:

    If you paste that link in the address bar, you bring up just the photo.

    Now per your instructions, I erased the /135.jpg to see if it would go to my albums and it took me to the login screen for photobucket.

    I have my privacy settings on photobucket set so that no one can view. It looks like the security also addressed the vary thing you just listed out, so if you change your privacy settings your pictures should be just fine.
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    I believe you can set photobucket to private and only allow pics to be seen with a password from friends. You can do what you described to a lot of pics on the web. I'll mess with my account later and see if can work with a password only.
    EDIT:oops the person above me beat me to it :)

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    Wow. There's nothing like humiliating two proud, wild animals by putting them in funny suits. That'll show 'em who's boss! :)

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    If they only knew the rabbits are laughing at them.. ha ha
    Read my story.

    Pictures in page 5 & 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruertar View Post
    Wow. There's nothing like humiliating two proud, wild animals by putting them in funny suits. That'll show 'em who's boss! :)
    You can tell they ARE humiliated just by looking at their faces!
    They are my Sisters Children. (Don't tell her I told you that).
    Thanks guys for the help. I am A+ cert and I did network installs! I feel like a fool to miss the "Make Album Private" I had tried the "Do you want to link the pictures to your album?" And I turned that off, but it didn't work, and I missed other question.
    Thanks again.
    Oh by the way you think the Ducky and Bunny outfit was bad... Here they are when they "Won Over All Top Prize" at the Sarasota Pug Parade... LOL We had a blast! We ain't right in the head....

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    Wow did Paris Hilton have a yard sale
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    And people wonder why animals bit and maul people. Wouldn't you!!!

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    Just a warning, the term "private" and internet generally don't belong in the same sentence. Changing your photo bucket setting will help limit who has easy access to your photos. It also prevents them from saving the photos to their computer. If they are clever, there are many ways around this...

    Anything that is displayed on your computer can be captured and saved (google search print screen or screen capture). Anyone who can see your photos can save them and do what they want.

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    The simplest way to make sure no one connects your gun photos with your other photos is to put your gun photos here on DC. There is a link at the top of the page for the DefensiveCarry Gallery. Feel free to use it. Until space gets tight (it's not going to happen) there is not limit. I currently have 346 photos in the DC Gallery.

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