Craig's List...Does It Work?

Craig's List...Does It Work?

This is a discussion on Craig's List...Does It Work? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well a couple of weeks ago I sold a BushMaster package to a fellow forum member (via this forum)...buyer and seller were both very satisfied. ...

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Thread: Craig's List...Does It Work?

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    Thumbs up Craig's List...Does It Work?

    Well a couple of weeks ago I sold a BushMaster package to a fellow forum member (via this forum)...buyer and seller were both very satisfied.

    I had a couple of other items for sale also and some here suggested that I try Craig's List...didn't really pay attention to the suggestions until this week.

    I had a cargo trailer for sale and decided to give CL a try. The ad was placed and in a very short time and I had three calls...BAM! sold it with the third visitor.
    He got a great looking cargo trailer and yesterday morning I put $2K+ into my wallet.

    Just for the heck of wife suggested that I put those two kayaks that we've been storing for years on CL...OK, OK, like a good husband, I sat down at the computer and typed up an ad at 3:45 P.M. today!
    The phone rings at 4:15 P.M. (today), "Hello, I understand that you have some kayaks for sale?" I started thinking that my wife was pulling something on me...

    I asked if this was a serious call and found out that it was......20 minutes later the folks showed up and paid cash for two kayaks.

    I was stunned at the results...I did have a 'steal it price' on the kayaks, but I ended up putting another $600 in my pocket.

    I went into the house and the wife and I asked each other what else we could sell...because we were on a roll.

    Apparently, more people shop on Craig's List than I could have imagined. While we were loading the kayaks...I had additional calls...Wow! works.

    If you've never tried using it (Craig's List) for selling something...give it a's free and painless.

    Well, I'd like to stay and chat, but I've got to get down to the ammo shop.
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    Heh...I'm surprised they lasted until 4:15. Stuff goes fast on there. I buy and sell on craiglist as needed.

    Example... Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on patio blocks to redo a backyard barbeque area, when a little digging and good timing on craigslist you can at worst, get them 50% cheaper and at best...FREE!
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    I have bought and sold there myself and it is great. If I want something I check there first and the other places.
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    Just for kicks.........have any of you all ever read the personals ads on Craigslist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Just for kicks.........have any of you all ever read the personals ads on Craigslist?
    Yeah, but right afterwards I went and brushed my teeth. I think I'll go do it again now that you brought that up.
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    I, too have bought and sold quite a bunch of stuff on CL. If an item is priced anywhere right it will sell. The founder of CL has been faulted by several "money writers" for leaving many millions of dollars on the tablewith the free advertisements policy.

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    My son advertised his CBR600 on Craigslist.

    It sold in one day.
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    I've never really sold anything on CL, but I've bought a few things there. I got a great mint condition Pearl drumset for my daughter for $300 that was a nice, albeit noisy, Christmas present.
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    I use it to buy and sell a lot. Just remember to meet in a busy area. The seller (and possible buddies) knows how much cash you're going to have.
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    I listed a 3 piece living room set that was like new (only used on Christmas Day for 8 years), far below what I paid for a new set. No bites. Oh well.
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    I put an ad up for a car I was trying to sell. 10 minutes later I had three calls. Sold in 1/2 hour.

    I was amazed. Some folks must spend all day long searching through the ads. No more putting ads in the paper for this guy.

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    Craigslist is good if it's too big to ship and sell on Ebay, for local pickup. Things like boats, appliances, etcetera. Unlike Ebay, you do have to interface with people to complete the sale.
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    I have used it several times and had mixed reviews. Biggest problem is making arrangements to meet someone and they don't show and don't reply to emails after the no show.

    I have bought several things on it and usually have good luck.
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    Both bought and sold but BUYER/SELLER BEWARE!! There are SO many thieves cruising the national list (yes, national, it can be done). I finally had to put a "ps" at the bottom that no sale or purchase unless it was face to face. Don't send any money and don't accept any money via mail.
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    i use it all the time. sold many items on it. no more e-bay for me.
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