John Farnam's Quips - 13Mar09.html - More on "Gun-Control" in SA

13 Mar 09

More on bumbling attempts at "gun-control," from SA:

"South African Police have 'lost' 4,900 firearms during the last three years! Note that these guns are not those items seized as evidence (thousands of those have been 'misplaced' also!). These are pistols, shotguns, and rifles that have been purchased by the government and subsequently issued to police.

Keep in mind that the above figure is just what they're unable to cover up, and are thus sheepishly owing up to. The actual figure is likely between twice and three-times that number. To put this into perspective, our cops are ' losing' at least five guns every day of the year!

Many of these 'missing' firearms have, in fact, been stolenand subsequently used by criminals during the commission of violent crimes. Armored-car heists, for example, frequently see robbers armed with R4s, the same military rifle issued to police and the Army. These rifles are nearly impossible to come by legally and are no longer in production. The only way to get a copy is to steal it from police!

If one were cynical, he might suspect the government is, in fact, deliberately supplying violent criminals with these weapons, because it is VCAs who, in fact, do the government's bidding, by robbing, maiming, and murdering political opponents. Can we say that VCAs and the government have formed a partnership?

When one reads high-sounding, fictitious 'stated-intents' of our notorious Firearms Control Act:

'... to prevent the proliferation of illegally-possessed firearms and, by providing for the removal of those firearms from society, and by improving control over legally-possessed firearms, to prevent crime...'

and, even better:

' ... enable the State to remove illegally-possessed firearms from society, to control the supply, possession, safe storage, transfer, and use of firearms, and to detect and punish negligent/criminal use of firearms.'

He can only wonder why the government itself insists on demonstrating the very 'negligent/criminal use' they're so frightenedwe peons might engage in!

Arrogant, two-faced, Communist elitists who write this drivel are, of course, heavily armed themselves, with the very weapons they so hypocritically deny to the rest of us.

... and, when 'lost,' they are simply replaced!"

Comment: I have every confidence the current US administration will soon treat us to this same deceitful language, the same weary, long-discredited arguments, the same elitist arrogance for which all Marxists are so famous.

The result will also be the same, as will subsequent, lame excuses when it fails miserably, as it always does

The ever-unarticulated agenda, both here and there, the enslavement of us all, will, of course, be well served!