Media: Fails Again!

Media: Fails Again!

This is a discussion on Media: Fails Again! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Here in CO we are in the middle of a spring blizzard/snow storm. What does the media now provide (at the end of winter, during ...

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Thread: Media: Fails Again!

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    Thumbs down Media: Fails Again!

    Here in CO we are in the middle of a spring blizzard/snow storm. What does the media now provide (at the end of winter, during the clutches of the storm)?

    Advice on a "Winter Emergency Kits" and advice to check your tires for adequate tread for driving in snow.

    They are truly clueless!

    I knew that, but this just struck me wrong! I do believe Darwinism is the answer.
    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ: Buy These Stickers Here

    "He went on two legs, wore clothes and was a human being, but nevertheless he was in reality a wolf of the Steppes. He had learned a good deal . . . and was a fairly clever fellow. What he had not learned, however, was this: to find contentment in himself and his own life. The cause of this apparently was that at the bottom of his heart he knew all the time (or thought he knew) that he was in reality not a man, but a wolf of the Steppes."

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    They should be providing Al Gore's home phone number.
    "The flock sleep peaceably in their pasture at night because Sheepdogs stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

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    Keep youe tires properly inflated!
    I'm clinging to my guns and religion.

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    Yeah, I can't watch anymore.
    These days I get embarrassed for the weather girls who put on their little parkas and stand out in the snow with their little measuring sticks to show us that it's .............. snowing!

    Holy friggin Cow!
    How did we survive all these centuries without these geniuses.
    It’s so much easier now days, to "Love and honor" my wife, when she is armed, and shoots a better group than I do. (Till death do us part, eh?)

    “The way you get shot by a concealed weapons permit holder is, you point a gun at him,” the Sheriff said.

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    A wise man once said that if you want to show disdain for someone (in this case, the media), to flat out ignore them is more disdainful than to hate them. I'm watching the snow come down now.
    I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth.--Steve McQueen

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    No lie! A bunch of freaking fear mongers is what they are. After it snowed here last week and watching the news, I was shocked that I made it to work w/o being killed on the way. These guys make Dr. Phil look like a genious, so chock-full of obvious advice.

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    Well, just wait until Sunday. We are supposed to have 60 degree weather here in Broomfield and the snow should be just about gone (I have already done my driveway 3 times today and expect to do it again in the morning).

    I am expecting to see them giving warnings about swimming after eating instead of advertising Winter Emergency Kits by Sunday afternoon.

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