Writing a term paper on Guns..

Writing a term paper on Guns..

This is a discussion on Writing a term paper on Guns.. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The assignment is to write a paper on a "social problem" in the United States. 1- Clearly state the social problem that you want to ...

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Thread: Writing a term paper on Guns..

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    Writing a term paper on Guns..

    The assignment is to write a paper on a "social problem" in the United States.

    1- Clearly state the social problem that you want to discuss/analyze/talk about (your rational for choosing that problem/issue).
    2- Tell me why you think it’s a “social” problem (i.e its consequences on both individuals and society as a whole/social institutions)
    3- Discuss the impact/influence of social factors on the problem being discusses (use data/numbers to support your argument).
    4- Discuss/explain why government’s intervention is or may be necessary in order to solve/deal with the problem
    5- What are YOUR possible solution(s) to the problem?
    6- Finally, share with us something interesting/important that you’ve learned through your research.

    If you know of any good reads/articles I could use, do you mind posting the links here so I can check them out?


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    Well, it would be helpful if you have a thesis so we know exactly what kind of stuff exactly you are looking for.

    I wouldn't really classify guns as a social problem either, now meth, that is a social problem.
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    I was going to go more into the realm of how they are viewed negatively and should not be due to the way a great many in society portray them

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    What is your hypothesis?

    Negative attitudes toward guns are a problem with consequences for individuals and groups in what way?

    Once you've got that, how are you going to find data to support that position?

    Very few people, Kleck, Lott and Poe probably have any data that you can use to support your argument.

    I understand your passion for the topic (I share it) but if you want to get a good grade it may be better to find a subject (and therefore hypothesis) that has more research behind it.
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    Also be aware that depending on your teachers stance on Gun Control you could end up with a bad grade and/ or the police being called because you are a security threat.

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    I notice that from point #4 your instructor is already of the opinion that the more Government control there is, the better off we are. If you are concerned about your grade you might want to stick to a topic that you can argue his/her way.

    I realize that gun control is an important topic, and it is important that we get our views out, BUT a class that will impact your GPA which will in turn impact your future may not be the best forum. That is, unless you are sure that your instructor will not penalize you for your viewpoint.

    I say all this because I recall reading recently where a University Professor (I do not recall what school it was) notified Campus Police after a student gave a presentation on guns. Apparently the Professor reported that the student’s presentation made the class “feel” unsafe. The police called the student in for a “conversation”. I have no idea what the outcome was.

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    Is this an opinion, analytical, research paper? Personally, my favorites are opinion papers - no need for sources haha. Of course the way you format and present your writing will depend on what kind of report your teacher wants.

    Guns aren't a social problem, per say, at least not in the context outlined by your paper's criterion. They are more of a social stigma. It seems that the scope of your paper is supposed to be very broad - something that affects the whole nation. Even if you narrow that down (e.g. NYC has a gun problem), guns aren't the problem, criminals and crime are.

    Anyways, I'm sure you'll think of something. Don't be afraid to speak your mind either, even at the expense of a grade. I might not be the best role model for students, but I don't like to compromise my education with school politics.

    But, you still gotta learn to pick your battles, is your teacher "cool"? Is he/she pretty objective? Get an idea of your teacher's attitude before trying something "controversial". I've been in some pretty heated arguments with some of my most opinionated, stubborn professors before, in the middle of class lol.

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    Thanks guy, I wrote it on illegal immigration instead :)

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    Make it about how the gun grabbers are the social problem and how governtment has helped in D.C. with the Heller ruling.

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