Happy Easter 2009!

Happy Easter 2009!

This is a discussion on Happy Easter 2009! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; hi, you guys, what's your plan for Easter 2009? Having Easter Brunch? Making Easter favors for everyone? Writing a letter to Easter Bunny or organizing ...

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Thread: Happy Easter 2009!

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    Happy Easter 2009!

    hi, you guys, what's your plan for Easter 2009? Having Easter Brunch? Making Easter favors for everyone? Writing a letter to Easter Bunny or organizing an egg hunt game? I prefer the last one. The egg is widely considered as a symbol of the start of new life, just as new life emerges from an egg. However, in Easter Day, the kids play egg hunt game just for fun, right? Now the next Easter is coming around the corner, will you plan an Easter Egg game for your kids and give them a special Easter? If doing so, it will definitely become your precious memories with kids.

    Last Easter, my husband and I shot photos and video while our daughter was playing egg hunt game. Moreover, we even created a YouTube video by combining shot footage and photos. Click to watch this and post any comment. Get inspired if you also want to give your kids a happy easter 2009 and share on video sharing sites like YouTube. :) Happy Easter!

    So, how will you celebrate Easter 2009?
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    With God, food and family. Happy Easter to all...
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    I aint never heard of writtin' a letter to da easter bunny. Zat for real? Not much into the pagan theme. I'll enjoy four whole days off from work, time spent with the love of my life, and praise God for many things. Probably eat a good roast, and I doubt there will be any eggs involved.
    Happy Easter to all!

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    3 worship services, then collapse and eat and relax (i.e., nap) in the sun.
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    All day church services and dinner on the grounds to use an old fashioned phrase.
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    yeah its my baby's first easter
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    Ahhh Easter, one of my favorite holidays. Easter is the first sign that spring is in the air and everything will soon be new again. It is also time for my favorite snack. My mother makes them for me only because she doesn't live in the same house. The dog starts crying when my mother walks in with them. The cat and dog refuse to enter the same room as me when I eat them, they set in the doorway and give me dirty looks. The wifey for some reason won't sleep in the same bed, don't know why.

    What could this wonderful food be that brings so much anger with it....Pickled Eggs washed down with beer.
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    I will be working this weekend pulling 12's, but my wife and kids will be going to church and an Easter Egg hunt with friends and neighbors.

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