Premonitions anyone?

Premonitions anyone?

This is a discussion on Premonitions anyone? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I got to thinking about this, don't know if anyone ever posted similar stories. It's rather lengthy, and I appologize. I get these feelings once ...

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Thread: Premonitions anyone?

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    Premonitions anyone?

    I got to thinking about this, don't know if anyone ever posted similar stories. It's rather lengthy, and I appologize.

    I get these feelings once in awhile, can't really explain it, doesn't happen all the time either. Call it premonition or ESP, I just don't know.

    Back in the early '80's, I was kind of young and foolish and kept a cheap FIE Titan .25 with me without carry permit. I didn't know they were even available back then. I did it mostly for protection late at night, I played in a band and when we got paid for gigs on Saturday night, I'd have $100 + on me. During that time, hoods would kill you for your tennis shoes so I felt a bit like something could happen.

    After a gig at ironically at "The Police Farm" for the local American-Legion, I got a funny feeling about something bad happening to our bass guitar player. He was scheduled to leave for Myrtle Beach after we played the gig. After loading up the band stuff, I called him over to my car and told him to take the .25 with him. He was reluctant at first, but I insisted, told him I just had a feeling he might need it. He put the pop gun in the tool box just behind the seat of his truck.

    Well, got the phone call from him after he got back. "Glad I took that gun", he said. "Who did you shoot?" was what I blurted out. "Nobody, but is saved my butt. Thanks for insisting I take it."

    He and his wife were returning from the beach, driving down some winding Carolina road when suddenly, a crazed woman was running down the center, wildly waving her hands and screaming. He comes to a complete stop. Crazy Woman runs up to the pick up, slams her hands on the hood and proceeds to drop on to the asphalt below. He looks over and sees a kind of mom & pop store with a bunch of locals sitting on the front porch area. They come over towards the truck, shaking their heads. He reaches back into the tool box and puts the .25 into his back pocket, then exits the truck. These "ol boys" come over to him and said that they saw him, "hit" the woman and that he was in some deep trouble.

    It was then he pulled the pistol, jammed it muzzle first into the nostril of one of the good ol boys and demanded they call the police. My buddy said the eyes of the guy got as big as the hub caps on a car and they certainly were willing to call the cops post haste. Buddy puts pistol back into his pocket.

    When the Sheriff Deputies arrived, he said it was classic. Large white guy, wearing sunglasses with the tallest thinnest Black Deputy he'd ever seen. As the white Deputy interrogates the good ol boys as to what happened. The black Deputy goes over to the woman, reaches down grabbing her by the hair, pulls her up and says, "I know this b***ch!!!" She done this last week too!"

    The deputies told my buddy he could go, and none of the good ol boys even mentioned the pistol.

    Anyone else have this type of experience?
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    I had a dream about some kids in a school class room,faces, clothes, etc.3 months later when we moved from Ill. to Minn.the first day in school,there they where. Freaked me out and ever since any time I get a bad feeling or "feel"like I have been here before I payvery close attention to my surrondings.
    stay safe docman

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    When I was in my late teens and early 20's, I would have dreams, that would come true within a day or two. But nothing now for 35 years.

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    i have had things like this happen to me, as far as dreams.

    a year before my grandma past away i dreamed of what color of dress and coffin she was in, she lived in California and I'm in Oklahoma.

    well a year later she passed away and when i flew in from Oklahoma, she was wearing the dress i had dreamed her in and the coffin she was in.

    I don't want to get into any religious debates but I believe the Lord speaks to us in dreams, visions and by prayer..
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    I once had a dream that a friend of mine died while jumping on a trampoline.

    Not long after he was shot and killed with an AK47 by a guy we knew from high school.

    The circumstances of the shooting were very odd which I won't go into. It was not random or premeditated, nor was it an accident. It certainly was not the gun's fault. But I digress.

    It was a strange dream because in this dream he was jumping like 50 feet into the air on this trampoline and all these people from school were watching. In the dream the trampoline was in the parking lot of my high school. At the time I'd been out of school for a couple years.

    The shooting took place right near the high school my friend and I shared with his killer. He was shot during a party with a bunch of people from high school.

    OK not spooky accurate but still made me wonder.

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    We all have that little voice that keeps us safe. But as far as ESP, wifes friend Heather will tell my wife information from a fream in great detail and they will come true. The strangest thing is that friends mother and friend will have the same dream about the same person in same eveing. Too weird. Heathers family is from Transylvania maybe that has something to do with it. Heather husband is a LEO and she will tell him about his day as he walks into the house. I have seen John Edward do his stage show and I can not deceided if he has the gift or full of BS. But believe 1000% in Heather.

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