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My nephew

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    My nephew

    My cousin just told me a few days ago that it was my nephew who was the shooter in a story I read a few days earlier. I actually lost respect for my nephew a few months earlier when he and my cousin came into my car and they asked me to drop them off at Karmel Mall and when I checked my rearview mirror he was rolling weed in a swisher cigarello and I told him "Did I give you permission to roll that in my car?" and he put it away and then I told him "That stuff destroys your short term memory and your ability to learn". He was clearly sliding down and wasn't progressing any much and dropped out of school. His mother (my cousin, told me she chews Khat not just for the fun of it but because she is depressed and I think he causes some of her depression). This is the same kid who I remember was so young I had to get him toilet paper that was a few feet away from him because he was crying so much because he didn't want to stain himself.

    I never allowed him back into my car after I saw that he tried to roll weed in my car and that he also left the mcdonalds meal and the sticky mcdonalds ice cream in my back seat.

    I was surprised to learn he was the shooter who shot up the mobile home all because the people in their refused to give him and his friends back the 15 bucks all because there were not enough girls in the mobile home they went to party at. He has my cell phone number and he could of just called me and said "Hey Osman, some people here are not giving me back my 15 bucks because there is not enough women at the party and I am very angry" and I would have told him "I will give you the 15 bucks don't hurt the people and if it's a woman you need I can call Fahad who is always picking up nice women from clubs."

    Our family is very intelligent and all the older one's are either college grads or are in college but for some reason my 15 year nephew M.Y.H can't use common sense and walk away.

    I am now looking through my call records because M.Y.H called me less than 2 weeks ago so I wonder if he is bailed out or something because the date he was arrested was March 29th.
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    Sounds like he made some poor choices and is now going to pay for them. Family members can try to bring kids up the right way, but in the end, the kids makes the choices.

    We probably all know families in that situation, where the child made bad choices in spite of how they were raised. Hopefully your nephew will learn to make better choices of activities and friends.

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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but your nephew is about to be tried as an adult, and from the sounds of what he did, I must respectfully say that he has earned a very long vacation.

    The only good thing here is that he did not kill someone, but based upon his actions and the actions of his friends...killing someone wasn't very far into his future.
    Maybe this is the wakeup call he needed.
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    What Ret said is entirely correct. BTW, what the heck is Khat?

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    Khat is a plant from Africa whose leaves, when chewed, have similar effects to cocaine or amphetamine. It is an illegal substance.

    Leaves look like leaves on common hedge shrubs.

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    Khat is chewed for its stimulant effect. It was used (and still is) by the thugs we fought in Somalia in '93, they were hopped up on the stuff while attacking. Unfortunately its brought here now too.
    All about Khat (Kat, Qat)
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    Sounds like your nephew is outta control. I agree with ret that this could be the wake up call he needs. Hope he turns his life around.
    "He who does not punish evil commands it to be done." - Leonardo da Vinci

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