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Accident Response Fee?

This is a discussion on Accident Response Fee? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Many Fire and EMS services where I come from are NON-Governmental agencies. The FD I grew up at received some money from the community and ...

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Thread: Accident Response Fee?

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    Many Fire and EMS services where I come from are NON-Governmental agencies. The FD I grew up at received some money from the community and did not recover revenue. However I know others who have and still do.

    The EMS Service I was employed by prior to moving did not bill for non-transports and that service was barely scraping by. It was non-governmental and received no funding either as a retainer or support from the 3 communities that we protected.

    I can not count the number of calls that I "passed" when I was working for that service while standing at a Non-transport BS call. It took me X gallons of fuel to get here, 2 employees at $X per hour for 15- 30 min, I have 15 minutes minimum now to spend on paperwork as well. And I passed the call that I could have recovered my funds on. Paramedic, I don't know about your protocols but mine require a refusal on all patients, which is determined by presence of a mechanism of injury. I did not get their Insurance info, but would have loved if we would have billed their auto insurance.

    If you refuse to give me your name the Police officer will, and he does not like having to sign your refusal to sign the refusal.

    In a small area the cost for my crew going on that BS call is $35 or so, In a larger area it could be an EASY $100.

    Most places if you refuse for 2 months they don't do anything.

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    A perfect reason to get rid of the taxes in the first place.

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    With the pay fire services its voluntary. If I want them to put out the fire I must pay a fee. If I dont want the service they let it burn.

    Will the pay police service work the same way? Can I refuse the service?


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    Does ambulance service count? I just got a bill for $800 today for that stupid dog-bit episode 5 weeks ago!


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    Seems to me that a major reason we do such "utility" services via taxes and the local gov't budget is to spread the impact of the cost of the individual events. While coming to a home to help someone get through an anxiety attack might be a $500 call, having eight fire/rescue folks fight a house fire for 4hrs might well cost ten times that. We don't want to be faced with C.O.D. services that could wildly swing from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands, depending on the event.
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    Good point there ccw9mm. Charging per job would probably not work out so well.
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    Ours is a pleasantly informal rural county (one stoplight - woo, woo!) and we have a volunteer fire department. If you are burning trash and it gets away from you, our fire department respond and take care of business, and no bill is ever sent. But it is customary to donate $50.

    I'm pleased to say that I know this from someone else's experience.
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