Any one here went to a Tea Party?

Any one here went to a Tea Party?

This is a discussion on Any one here went to a Tea Party? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I wish I could have made to the Atlanta tea party, but was to tired from work and had to e-file mine (expecting to get ...

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Thread: Any one here went to a Tea Party?

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    Any one here went to a Tea Party?

    I wish I could have made to the Atlanta tea party, but was to tired from work and had to e-file mine (expecting to get a good sized return)... who here was able to go to one?

    This picture says it all in my mind, where I personally believe our children, and their own children, several generations down the road will become endentured survants weighed down by dept they were not even responsible for... Someone called that "generational theft" and I think it's a criminal act.
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    Here's the thread I started last night after I attended the tea party here in san antonio....
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    Everett, WA Tea Party - YouTube links - News Links

    We had a very lively Tea Party in Everett, Washington. Started with a rally at the Marina, then went to Clark Park, from which we marched to the County Campus, held another rally, then went back to the Marina for a third rally.

    Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray were put on notice:
    YouTube - Everett Tax Day Tea Party Elizabeth Scott Part #3

    Here's an article from the Everett Herald:
    HeraldNet: Fury at government spending, debt, bailouts

    After I got home, I found I was more relaxed than I have been in a while. I attribute it to finding channels for my ever growing anger and frustration over this Constitutional debacle.

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    Culpeper, Va. had about 200 people show up. Lots of signs and speeches. Didn't see anything about it in the local paper today, though. Hmmmmmm.

    Met this gal there...sure hope she keeps me!

    I THINK that she's carrying a torch for me! LOL
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    We had about 300-325 people at the Fayetteville parties.

    About 450 showed for the Southern Pines rally!

    I heard the Alamo had about 3500?
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    I was at Kansas City's event at Liberty Memorial. About 4000 folks showed up. Excellent weather, good turnout, poor coverage in the local news, but at least they did mention it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmidkiff View Post
    I was at Kansas City's event at Liberty Memorial. About 4000 folks showed up. Excellent weather, good turnout, poor coverage in the local news, but at least they did mention it.
    I was at Liberty Memorial too!!!!!!!!

    I agree -- very poor news coverage. One called us disenchanted and the another called us "members of the failed party".


    At least the K.C. reporters didn't harrass folks like this idiot at CNN:

    YouTube - CNN Reporter Slams FOX at Chicago "Tea-Party"

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    Here in little town NC we had about 300 people show up. We had a state senator and county comissioner along with a member of the John Locke foundation as speakers. This was a hardy crowd and most were of the mind that congress has gone wild and need to be replaced, not to mention what they thought about our fearless leader.
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    My wife and son and I went to one in our little town of Round Rock, Texas. Small turnout I think because most folks went the few miles into Austin for the big one.
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    The Las Cruces NM tea party made the FOX website!! Great protest, no violence anywhere across the country.
    Great work patriots!!!!
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    and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the
    service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the
    love and thanks of man and woman."

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    I attended the one In Fayetteville local "libral" news paper reported 450 in attendance..local FYV PD put the number closer to 1500 There was alot of folks there for a small town. Good turn out and very well attended and well behaved. I have been telling folks that I did not go to protest the Government, I went to protest a CORRUPT government!
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    Went to one here in DFW last night!!! Good stuff

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    I really, really wanted to go out and show my support, but I got bit so badly on my taxes this year that I absolutely could not take the time off from work. I guess that's one way to stifle our voices.
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    I went to one up in Columbia, SC. The turnout was estimated at around 3000.
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    I was planning on going to Olympia to raise the count there. I took the day off work. We ended up going north to Bellingham instead so that I could repair a headlight problem on my wife's sister’s car. I got the car fixed so she has full time headlights now. Anyway, the rally in Bellingham was very large for that area. Sidewalks on both sides of the street were packed for about 1.5 miles down the “guide” road. Concealed is concealed. I have my XD40SC with me tucked cozy into my mtac. 12 round mag with a second 12 round mag for backup. My wife, 16 year old son and 4 year old daughter with me. We had a great time and will be going to Olympia on the 4th of July. (2nd posting)
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