Who wears flip flops

Who wears flip flops

This is a discussion on Who wears flip flops within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; not me,i wouldn't be caught dead in them. i wear shower shoes in the shower and that's it.every time i see some guy wearing them, ...

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Thread: Who wears flip flops

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    Who wears flip flops

    not me,i wouldn't be caught dead in them.
    i wear shower shoes in the shower and that's it.every time i see some guy wearing them, especially if also wearing sweat pants and grungy t shirt with them.
    i think to myself,why don't you just hang a sign around your neck that reads.the worlds too tough for me so Ive given up even trying.

    also when i see a man wearing them i think of laziness.if i see a girl wearing them i don't think anything about it.

    The Thoughtful Dresser: Harry examines men in flip flops

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    It was good enough for Jesus so it’s good enough for me. It’s hot in North Carolina. I wear them all the time. Good Luck!
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    I will only wear them occasionally with shorts in the dead of summer. I prefer my teva shoes Omnium ? Men?s Sport Sandals ? Men?s Hiking Sandals ? Teva over flip-flops. they are more manly and outdoorsy
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    Different strokes for different folks, I guess. They're pretty much a staple footwear here in Florida.

    Personally, I couldn't imagine wearing anything else while surfing at the beach or fishing out on the boat.

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    I'm wearing them right now. Shorts, ball cap, and flippies here in my home office.

    Just be happy I'm not in my bath robe
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    nope i cant wear them ,I do wear some thing like a slipper that off a good grip when wet ,my wife got them for me ,other wise I am in boots or sneakers

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    I wear steel-toed boots all day at work.

    If it's hot outside I would wear sandles with shorts
    but, I don't like flip-flops. I need more support than

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    Composite toed boots, lo-top hikers, NB sneakers, and Teva sandals are all in my everyday wear category. I don't know how ANYONE can wear flipflops, with that annoying plastic stem between your toes... BLECH!

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    Hey, I gotta admit, I wears zee flip flops!

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    I'd rather wear flip-flops than sandals with with socks. Now that looks retarded!

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    I wear them alot in the summer, love my flip flops when it's hot.

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    Now I would never just put a pair of sandals on...without socks!
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    I like sandals, but the hiking ones, like Tevas. Not flip-flops. Though with the dogs and horses, I'm probably in my cowgirl boots or cross-trainers more than 95% of the time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2gunken View Post
    It was good enough for Jesus so it’s good enough for me. It’s hot in North Carolina. I wear them all the time. Good Luck!
    Yeah, but Jesus did not have to deal with rattlesnakes -- so I wear boots most of the time -- OR -- it may have something to do with Merle's Haggard's song which refers to "manly footwear."

    Also, those non-shoes are not much protection from stickers, grass burrs, insects, etc. However, North Carolina probably is a friendlier environment than West Texas.

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    I wear flip flops all the time. Then again, I'm a girl. We get the flip-flop-pass. I haven't worn them much since having my baby though. There's just something about loosing your shoe while trying to balance a kid that doesn't sit right. Even my house shoes have closed toes and a bit of a back-strap.

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