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Electronic devices to repel mice / rats?

This is a discussion on Electronic devices to repel mice / rats? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by yankeeman Im working as a exterminator right now and we have alot of rodents to deal with. For rats I would stick ...

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Thread: Electronic devices to repel mice / rats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankeeman View Post
    Im working as a exterminator right now and we have alot of rodents to deal with. For rats I would stick to poison, some type of anticoagulant. Basically they eat it and go off and die. For mice, sticky traps or snap traps will do. Just make sure to put them within 10 feet of where they or droppings have been seen.
    Agreed on the poison. Any local farm store/Co-op has it available
    in cubes with a hole for nailing to an attic post or wherever. Mighty
    tasty to the little buggers, but what it does is thin their blood so much that their hearts can't pump it. The nice thing is, it takes about
    a day or so to kill 'em. In between, they just feel sick and vacate the premises.

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    Poison is risky to use where pets may get at it. A vigilant human with some old-school Victor traps and some dried pepperoni pinched onto the pedal with a needle nose plier will get them every time. For some reason the mice fine it irresistible. Rats too. I even bagged a couple bunnies (unintentionally of course) this way. The unfortunate rodent soul in my avatar was a victim of his own uncontrollable urge to eat the pepperoni. I got every last one of the interlopers in about one weeks time. I have not seen any uninvited guests since then.

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    Heh...for me I have a partial basement/partial crawlspace under the house. The house had crawlspace and then they added on and the add-on had a basement. So the basement has an access "hatch" to the crawlspace.

    Problem is typically fall season, a mouse will decide to venture into the crawlspace from outside and then make his way into the basement(sneaky little buggers). So I just leave a little cinderblock deadfall right next to the basement access to the crawlspace. Gets em every time.

    Cinderblock, string, 3 small sticks - free
    Leftover peanut butter - free
    The look on the dogs face and the wagging tail if we hear a huge THWAP coming from the basement - PRICELESS

    If anything else it's better entertainment for the dog to let the buggers in and let them get smooshed. Although it can get messy

    ...or you could just get a cat and be done with it

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    I've got lots of barns and outbuildings that could be a haven for rats and mice. I've read somewhere that those electronic things don't work, though I have zero experience using them.

    The only sure-fired method of rodent removal, and I have lots of experience with, and that's cats.

    If you don't want to deal with cats, at the first sign of rodents you need to be pretty aggressive and get rid of them rightaway. I like making a multi-pronged approach by trying to find out where and how they are getting in and sealing that off. Then get rid of any available food source to them, put of mouse and/or glue traps. Baits will work too, especially if they are hungry. If one eats it and dies in the wall somewhere it might be a bit funky for a few days, and if you can't find him, take comfort that the smell won't last forever.
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    I know you already know this, but a CAT just makes life better. See my avatar!

    she is a little killer...

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    Don't starve the cat. They kill more for sport than they do for food, a well fed cat will catch plenty of mice.

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    If you have a farm...

    In addition to a barn cat, Guinea hens are noisy but they are good at ridding the place of mice, rats, and snakes, and make excellent watch dogs...
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    How big a cat would it require to get rid of the rats at the White House? sorry couldn't resist..........
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    Those electronic devices are a joke IMO. Like everyone else here has already said, use the glue traps. I use the ones that had an antiseptic (???? not sure if that is the word) in it, forgot what brand. After I have caught a mouse I'll usually let it set there for another day to see if the caught mouse's cries will attract another. After a day, whether there is one or more on the trap I take 'em outside and drop in a bucket of water to drown the mouse/mice. Quick and painless. My wife hates seeing them suffer on those traps (so do I). After about a week of setting out traps, we are good until the next season or a big rain.
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    No a cat isn't even an option. She has 3 little dogs and has never owned a cat. I picked up a couple of Victor Electronic traps at Home Depot. We'll see how they do.

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