Whew! What a relief - not gun, but interesting perhaps...

Whew! What a relief - not gun, but interesting perhaps...

This is a discussion on Whew! What a relief - not gun, but interesting perhaps... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I teach engineering technology at a community college and for some odd reason, I told my Electronics I class that we would apply our semester's ...

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Thread: Whew! What a relief - not gun, but interesting perhaps...

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    Whew! What a relief - not gun, but interesting perhaps...

    I teach engineering technology at a community college and for some odd reason, I told my Electronics I class that we would apply our semester's study to build a device to talk over a light beam. Each student would build a transmitter and receiver pair and could keep it.

    Since Electronics I only deals with transistors and diodes, I designed a modulated LED driver circuit and a photodiode receiver circuit including a class AB power amp to drive an 8 ohm speaker. The students built the boards from scratch, both etching, drilling, 'stuffing', and wiring. I tested the first set last Friday and that's when the trouble began!

    Neither board worked correctly! It's the last week of school . I worked on the circuits this weekend, and identified the problems. Just today a little before their last lab of the semester began, I decided on this course of action: I redesigned the transmit circuit, designed a new PCB layout, and my students responded beyond my highest hopes. They completed the new board, modified the receiver board and were all over the lab talking over a light beam by 3:00pm!

    This morning I was near panic, but thanks to determined students, I'll be able to sleep tonight. The students are literally fascinated with the project.

    Guess who learned the most from this project?

    I did a similar project in my Project Class but we used integrated circuits and lens to focus the beam and collect the light. It was still a very simple straight forward approach, but they talked over a beam of light over a measured 280 feet! That was sweet.

    The rest of the semester should be a breeze.
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    The whole project sounds absolutely COOL!

    I would think that not only did you show them one of the neat things that engineering can do; you also showed them that learning about neat things in whatever field of study is also fascinating and that learning is a lifelong process that begins with looking for interesting things to think and learn about.

    Kudos to you and your kids.

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    Being an electrical engineer myself, and having had to complete projects like this during my schooling, I can definately appreciate your post. Good job!

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    My BIL is an EE.

    It's a good thing he taught me how to spell it.
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    Excellent. I admire Engineers. You students also learned something excellent about design, as well as the Prof!
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    Ham Radio operator...

    and have been playing with that stuff for a very long time.... Many years ago I took a college class to become certified in digital electronics, and one of the steps was but build a simple circuit with a handful of flip flops, buffers, N amps....

    I went Don't need all this stuff to do this, and built it.... Next assignment was to simplify the circuit only using a few of the same components, when I went to the instructor he said "Yeah you did that in the first exercise, you must work with this stuff often" N I said "Ham radio operator and we are all cheap by nature"....
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    The other lesson was that sometimes it doesn't work and you have to be heroic with Plan B (and sometimes come up with a Plan B on the fly). Bravo for you all!
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