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    I collect unusual & different stuff.
    My collection is pretty bizarre but, this is one of the tamer items in my personal collection.
    It measures slightly over 1" wide & is 1.75" high & is one half inch thick.

    It is the complete "word for word" Old testament & the complete "word for word" New testement...PLUS it's illustrated!

    The pages are about 5 times thinner than the thinnest tissue paper.

    The second PIC is as close as I could get with my close focus camera.
    The lines of type actually just look almost like fine black lines without magnification & you can't really make out the individual letters. Under GOOD magnification it's perfectly readable.
    It dates to 1835
    Pretty amazing item!

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    That is awesome, QK!

    I assume the small size was for ease of transport, either afoot or horseback in 1835...have to have good eyes to read that by candle light!
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    Wow thats pretty wild but dang would it be hard to read

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    Really amazing when you think of the technology of the time. That's obviously not a standard print size so someone had to create the type for the printing, not to mention, I suspect, a special printing press for the production.
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    That's what amazes me - that the printing could be so exceptional that long ago. I have seen mini bibles and prayer books before of course but that is a real gem. That has to be worth some serious cash QK.

    Imagine too - the guy making up not only the linotype font elements but too - the typesetting - gee whizz what a labor of love.
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    just maybe it was printed for export to those countries that kill people for having a Bible.
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    You might check out this article in today's Wall Street Journal if you can chase down a copy:

    Keeping Track of Miniature Books
    Almost as long as man has been writing, people have been creating petite versions of books. The miniature size makes these books a quarry for collectors, but a challenge for librarians and curators.
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    That's cool. I too wonder if it was made so it could be taken into countries that killed people for having a Bible and this was the only way to do it.

    I would love to know the history behind it.


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